Malolos Marine Fishery School And Laboratory Balite, Bulacan

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One day, my girlfriend and I visited Malolos Marine Fishery School And Laboratory at Brgy. Balite. It was quite a few blocks away from my girlfriend’s house here in Malolos, Bulacan. We always walk there whenever we want. We always pass throught “Sasa” trees where people get some tree extract as what you can see below. They do this to create a natural vinegar. The coconut like trees are the ones we called “Sasa.” As you can see on the arch, it is called Baranggay Balite. Before we reach the arch we need to cross the bridge. By the way, if you are visiting this place, you can visit the official page of the school.

Balite Arch

Fishery River

Here are some snap shots of the Sasa trees that I am talking about.

Balite Road SasaThere are also some fish ponds in the place. But we haven’t got in there. Looking at the first photo where you can see the road, the fish pond is on the right side.

The place was so clean and green. I guess we just really love nature. I just took some picture of what I can see in the place. I saw a Water Seller called  Water Market. If you are walking there make sure to take precaution. There are lots of dogs before you enter the Marine Fishery school gate. And we are greeted with a warm welcome. Loitering is strictly prohibited in the place.

Water Market


The place was so relaxing. It is nice to do inhale and exhale because of the fresh air. It is one of the place where we hangout wit nature.  Here are some relaxing photos of nature in the Fishery School.

Map Directions

Flower with bee

Fishery School fish pond 2 Malolos Marine Fishery School And Laboratory Area Fishery School fish pond SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCI hope you enjoyed reading this article about Fishery School and Laboratory located in Brgy. Balite, Malolos Bulacan.


  • Im a proud student of this school! Thank You so much for sharing our beloved school of Fishery in the world wide web. Thank You SkyPhilippines God Bless!

    • Sky Philippines

      You are very much welcome. I appreciate you taking the time to post a comment on this blog. Have a nice day!

  • Thank You !! this is very nice :) like Mr. Ron Joseph, I am a proud student of this beautiful school, actually he is my classmate. :D Thank You so much :) God Bless !

    • Sky Philippines

      I’m glad you like this post about your school and taking the time to comment. This blog is about my travel experiences. If you have some travel experiences that you’d like to share to others, I’m inviting you to be a contributor of this blog. Email me at [aat] if you feel interested.

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