Malolos Cathedral – Church Location (Map & Directions)

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Malolos Cathedral – Church Location (Map & Directions)

Are you planning to visit the Malolos Cathedral in Bulacan? Well, you definitely need to know the church location. This article will help you exactly how to get there. Either via commuting or using your own vehicle.

What is my authority of writing this article? Well, I know this cathedral  very well. Since I was kid, my school is right beside the church. Many memories of mine are made around the place. Unfortunately, my school was burned for unknown reasons.

Now, let me tell you the exact cathedral location. It is located at Poblacion, Malolos, Bulacan. The church is near the public market and Malolos municipality.

How to Commute Going to Malolos Cathedral from Manila?

Just like the directions for Barasoain church, you can start your trip from the following locations:

  • Trinoma – UV Express at the parking lot. The fare is P60.
  • SM North Edsa – UV Express in front of SM Annex.  The fare is P60. You can also take a Baliwag Bus from the terminal. However, most likely, standing is your best position. Fare is P50-58(With or without air condition).
  • Cubao – Baliwag transit terminal along EDSA, Quezon City. P50-58 fare.
  • Monumento – Victory Liner bus terminal near LRT Monumento station and Victory Mall. P58 fare.
  • Centris Station – UV Express at the terminal. P60 fare.

You have two options when you are coming from Manila:

  • Tell the driver to drop you by the Robinson’s Mall. From the mall, you need to ride a “Fausta bayan” jeepney. This jeepney will bring you to Malolos  Cathedral around 10-15 minutes.
  • Tell the driver to drop you by Malolos Crossing. Ask someone where to ride a jeepney going to “Malolos Bayan.” Most jeepney signboards are labeled “Derecho Bayan.” That’s what you need to get yourself to Malolos Cathedral.

If you are from the North, I can only help you if you are commuting from Pampanga area. This is just based on own experience.

First, go at the back of Robinson’s Mall at San Fernando Pampanga. You will see a Victory Liner Bus there. Go and ask the driver if they are heading to Malolos. Jump on board if they are. The fare is 50+. Tell the driver to drop you by Malolos capitol. Then ride a jeepney going to “Malolos Bayan” with a sign board of “Derecho Bayan.” This jeepney will bring you to Malolos Cathedral.

You may also want to visit the nearby Barasoain church from Malolos Cathedral. It is just a few blocks away.

Malolos Cathedral Road Map for Private Vehicles

This map is for people who are coming from Manila area. This includes a general footprint from NLEX to Malolos Cathedral place. The target exit you need to take is Tabang. Navigate through this map to make it easier for you.

If you are coming from the Northern provinces like Pampanga, Zambales, Tarlac, Baguio, Pangasinan and so on, Pulilan is your target exit. Let me show the destination using this map:

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