The Cabanas Longos City of Malolos, Bulacan

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The Cabanas SignageOne day, I decided to go to the Cabanas here in Malolos, Bulacan. I wanted to share this place to help people who haven’t been in the place. This is a place where you can hangout with your friends. You can watch movies. You can drink with your friends in the bar. There are lots of bars in here like Redmix, Rendezvous, Maharaja KTV Bar,  Umbrella bar, Kaytsan, Cabana grill and more! There’s also nearby 7 Eleven convenient store  The place was secured since there’s a nearby police station to maintain the peace and order in the place.

The Cabanas is along Mc Arthur Highway, in Longos, Malolos, Bulacan. You will know that you are on the right place when you see the BIG signage of “The Cabanas” like the one on the left side. It indicates main places to visit like the Golden Ville Estate, a subdivision just in case you want buy a property on the place. The cinema where you can watch 2 different movies.  The general admission fee is P145.00.




Here’s a picture of the Cabanas cinema.

The Cabanas Cinema


If you are planning for an occasion like wedding, birthdays, baptisms and etc. You may want to inquire on their Grand Pavillion place. It’s a nice place to rent for the quality time for your family.  I’m not sure what the fees are. Here’s a picture of the Grand Pavilion at the Cabanas.

The Cabanas Grand Pavilion


There’s also a new building in front of the Cinema.  I think that building is for business owners who want to put their operations in the place. Here’s a snap shot.

The Cabanas N4


If you love food trip, there’s a place here called Kulinarya ng Tisa.  Base on my experience, this restaurant offers dinner buffet. Yes, you can eat all you can!

Bahay na Tisa Restaurant

Bahay na Tisa Logo


The gate of Golden Ville Estate is right after the Kulinarya ng Tisa restaurant. There’s a guard house in the gate so I think this is an exclusive subdivision.

The Cabanas Golden Ville Estate


If there’s any chance that you are looking for BDO, you are quite lucky because there’s a nearby BDO office in the place. Here are some businesses who are associated with the Cabanas.



















Map Directions

That’s about this place called “The Cabanas.” If you need more information about this place, you can visit the official website at

This is your place to chill out! Enjoy!

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