Malangaan Cave San Rafael Bulacan Motorbike Trip

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Last August 21st, my cousin and I decided to go on a trip at Malangaan Cave San Rafael Bulacan. We went to the place using a motorcycle from Malolos. Before going to our target location, we prepared our cameras to take some pictures and record videos. We are passionate about adventures. We record memorable moments in the place by capturing photos and videos.

Malangaan Cave San Rafael Bulacan Motorbike Trip


Our first stop is in the Friendship Arc of Dona Remedios Trinidad town. It was a warm welcome so we decided to stop and take some pictures of the signage. We haven’t reach San Rafael, Bulacan yet. We just rest ourselves in the mini hut that you can see on the lower right part of the picture. After the picture taking, we left. In fact, I almost forgot my helment and I dropped my handkerchief. Fortunately, I remember it before we left.

We went to many rocky roads as you can see on this photo. It is like chocolate ice cream loaded of peanuts. That’s how rocky the road is.

Malangaan Rocky Road


But I would say that the place was so simple yet amazing. I also see some rice fields with the same concept as Banaue Rice teraces. It was a mini version of it. Here’s how it looks like. Relaxing isn’t it? Since I live in the city of Malolos, this place was a WOW experience for me. I love nature.

Farm Rice field 2 Rice Field SAM_0759 San Rafael Rice Field Random Pics

After we reach our target location in Malangaan, San Rafael Bulacan, we stopped by a sari-sari store(a small store). We park our motorcycle near the store and decided to get some drinks after an hour and a half travel time. We asked an old lady if we can cross our motorcycle in the river and she said yes. Then we saw a tricycle crossing the river and half of the wheels are under water. So we decided just to park our motorcycle near the store.

Brgy. Malangaan Broke Bridge


The picture above is cemented bridge on the place however, it was destroyed by the typhoon. I wonder how worst the situation is during the calamity. So the only way to cross the river for a vehicle is the low level part of the river. There’s a bamboo bridge on the place where only humans can cross. I guess it was made for kids who are going to school and other people who don’t want to get wet by crossing the river. People in Malangaan are also using the river for washing their clothes. The river is clean. Most people are visiting the place during weekends. There is no fee if you want to swim in the river. But there are cottages, you need to rent it out.

After asking some questions to people around the place, we decided to go to the main reason why we are in the place. The Malangaan caves ! Again, it was a rocky road experience. We need to be careful in every step we make because it was slippery. One wrong move may cause some serious injuries.

Big Rock Cave with Vandalism Malangaan Cave San Rafael Bulacan Pic SAM_0730 SAM_0736 SAM_0737


There are many vandalisms in the Malangaan cave. I hope visitors will no longer spend their time doing such things. It will only destroy the nature.

While in the cave, I heard some explosion. I asked my cousin, “what’s that?” “I don’t know, we are both first timers here in this place,” he said. Yeah yeah, that makes sense.

There are still lots of unexplored cave territory however, we decided to go back. We met a kid named Mario. We asked some questions about the place out of curiousity. I asked the kid, “we are on the cave a while ago and we heard some explosions, what are those explosions? It was marble mining, the kid said.

So we went back to where our motorcycle is parked. We saw a truck barely crossing the river. The kid said that the marble costs P3000 per truck. And coal is another way of living in the place.

He also said that turtles can be seen on the Malangaan river itself and some fish called Tilapia and Bulig.

Wooden Bridge Malangaan River Malangaan River with Fishermen Clean River


It was one good experience being here at Malangaan Cave San Rafael Bulacan. I will surely visit this place again for more!


Map of Tukod



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