Robinson Mall San Fernando Pampanga DFA Passport Claiming Tips

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Robinson Mall San Fernando Pampanga DFA

Last September 2014, we visited the Robinson Mall San Fernando Pampanga to claim a new passport from Department of Foreign Affairs. It is a 1 hour travel time from Malolos, Bulacan using a Victory Liner bus. The bus has a route going to Olongapo. They just need to stop at Robinsons Mall as a part of their route. We came all the way from Puregold Malolos. The exact fare is P41. You can take Apalit or Olongapo bus going to
this place. And, we use NLEX because there is no other way around. The 2nd option would be Mc Arthur Highway however, the bridge is under construction.

You are on the right place when you see the SM City. The bus unloaded us at the back of Robinsons Starmill.  You can see the DFA in  Robinsons Mall Pampanga on the 2nd floor. Just turn right from the back entrance, you can see lots of people on the 2nd floor. If you’re like me who needs to claim a passport, you need to go to the releasing department. There’s a guard outside and present your receipt so he can give you permission to enter the releasing department.

By the way, the time indicated on the receipt was not accurate. I personally arrived 3 hours earlier from the time indicated on my receipt and they gave me what I needed. The passport. The releasing department has 2 sections. The only thing the I remember is to turn right to claim your passport. Just present the receipt and sit back until the personnel calls you. If you are applying for a new passport or for renewal in Robinsons Starmills, make sure to be an early bird. There are lots of birds out there who are applying for a passport.

It was a pretty easy process of claiming a passport. It only took me about 5-10 minutes to get it with a receipt. The painful part is really the first one where you need to wait for your number to be called.

And after that, we decided to leave the mall and spend some quality time to get the most out of our travel in San Fernando, Pampanga.

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