Apalit Fish Pond Along Eastern Gas Station Mc Arthur Hwy, Sampaloc, Pampanga

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Last June 2011, my girlfriend and I decided to search for a fish pond in Apalit, Pampanga to test our new fishing rod. We came from Malolos, Bulacan and we took the North Luzon Expressway(NLEX). We cannot cross the bridge between Apalit, Pampanga and Calumpit. Why? The bridge is under construction. Up to this time of writing which is September 10, 2014, the bridge is still under construction. I wonder how many years more before they fix the bridge. I hope it won’t take a decade.

Fishing Directions Coming From Malolos, Bulacan to Apalit

We took the Pulilan exit, so we can use NLEX. There is no other way around unless the bridge is not under construction. We just go straight ahead to NLEX until we reach the San Simon exit.

Most of the time, this tollgate is traffic. After paying the toll, We turned left going to San Simon, Pampanga. Once you see a Caltex Gas station, turn left going to Manila using the Mc Arthur Highway. Approximately 4km away, you will see the Eastern Gas station. Turn right in the Gas station itself. There is a road at the back of the gas station. Turn right. Just go straight until you see a big gate on the left side.

Well, you only need the general instructions on how to get there. Once you reach the Eastern Gas Station, you can ask the people nearby the place and they will surely give you an answer where exactly the fish pond is. Here’s a picture of the Gas station for reference.

Eastern Gas Station

There is a security guard at the gate. He asks for a driver’s license to see my identity. Gladly, he didn’t ask me to surrender the driver’s license. We drive in the middle of the place and
we are surrounded by fish ponds. Cream Dories are the only available to catch. There are catfish but they are not allowed to be caught. There is no entrance fee in this Apalit fish pond. However, you need to pay for what you have caught.

Apalit Fish PondApalit Fish Pond2

DSC03419DSC03427The caretaker said that we can only catch fish in the farthest pond. Here’s a picture of a mill where we can fish in the nearby pond.


Here comes the fun. Fishing! We rush ourselves putting some bait on our fishing hook and throw it in. A minute hasn’t passed yet and the fish was on! I can’t feel anything aside from excitement. Here’s a picture of my first catch and the reason why I caught one. The Spaghetti!


I have to remind myself not to be carried away to much. Why? If we catch lots of fish, we end up paying a lot! So, we have to limit our catch. It is not that intense however, still enjoyable.

After we have finish, we head over to the caretaker’s place and we pay. We caught 2 kilograms of Cream Dory. The price was P100/kg. Not bad if you would ask me. But still, you have to pay. I was amazed how the fish that we caught can grow. Here’s what they caught.

Cream Dory

Map Directions Going To Fishing Area in Apalit, Pampanga

If you really want to go fishing in this place, I created a map for you. Take a look below and I hope it helps.

I hope you learned something from our experience. I appreciate if you can give some likes, comments and shares!

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