Aurora Memorial National Park Philippines

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Situated inside
the Sierra Madre hill range from the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Aurora within
Central Luzon, Aurora Memorial National Park serves as a safeguarded spot
within the Philippines. This park includes a region where 5,676 hectares lies
more than 50 kms across the panoramic Bongabon to Baler road. Thanks to
Proclamation No. 220, the actual founded around 1937 had been devoted to the
former First Lady of the Philippines Aurora Quezon. The utmost elevation of the
park is actually measured to be 1,000 meters, and it got a preliminary region
of 2,356 hectares, which eventually increased more than the double size since 1941
up to present. The primary woodland kind within the recreation area should be
lowland dipterocarp, along with limitless sections of montane woods. Terrain
utilization within the park consists of the two long-term subsequent moving
farming (kaingin) supplementary forestry.

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The park, being
one of the most significant rainforests within Central Luzon, is marketed
through the municipality as an eco-tourism vacation spot. The park’s location
within the Sierra Madre made it an abundant home for various plant life and
animals, such as reptiles and amphibians of different kinds. Moreover, atypical
birds reside in it like the Luzon Water-redstart, as well as the endangered
Philippine eagle.

information regarding Aurora Memorial National Park

The peaceful
5,676 hectares from the woodland park connected with Aurora Memorial National
Park started around 1937. The actual Aurora Memorial National Park is inside
the Sierra Madre, a stretched out string of mountains extending along the
coastline involving both Northern and Central Luzon. The park is essentially covered
by rainforest, mossy woodland, stream, as well as springs. It features an
abundant plant life and a residential for broad variety of plants and living
creatures. This serves as the site of 19 species of amphibians and 30 species
of reptiles. Additionally, it is a place to observe the particular dwindling in
numbers of Philippine eagles, flying around along with Luzon vultures, falcons,
water- redstarts, and hawks.

Prior to getting
into the actual park strategies and invite, it is required to go on to the
actual mountain top. The park had been put through numerous exercises that may
trigger rehabilitation as well as refurbishment, when the place was being
arranged and coached 5 forests to secure the local community and to be able to
maintain and protect all-natural assets and the vicinity itself. Organization of
public nursery, agro-forestry location, and interpretation of bio-diversity
information to layman’s phrase places deterioration bunds within the ruined
sites from the forest, growth, and development of ecotourism hiking trails and

One must be aware
that the site is located in a fully preserve environment, so hotels, grocery
shops, and other entertainment establishments would not be anywhere near. This
is to ensure that main goal of the park, which is to have its visitors fully experience
the wrap of nature and the freshness of ambiance away from the city, is
achieved. With fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor, Aurora Memorial National Park
is definitely a must-visit. One should not forget to appreciate the vibes
nature is offering, and of course, make sure to capture some Instagram-worthy

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