Baguio City: Top 5 Best Places to Visit – Tourist Spots & Attraction

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Baguio City Top 5 Best Places to Visit - Tourist Spots & Attraction

Last November 2014, my family, relatives, Edcel and I went to Baguio city. We have travelled a long way from Malolos, Bulacan. It was 4-6 hours of travel time. Before, it was 8 hours travel time without the Subic–Clark–Tarlac Expressway or also called as SCTEX. Early in the morning we left Malolos and I was thinking of some nice places to visit in Baguio city. It’s been a long time since the last time we went there. We arrived to Baguio at lunch time.

Horseback Riding At Wright Park Baguio City - Our 1st Stop

Horseback Riding At Wright Park Baguio City – Our 1st Stop

Well, this place is ideal if you want to experience horseback riding. There is a riding circle at Wright park where you spend time riding a horse. The price of a horseback ride is P200 for 30 minutes and 300 pesos for 1 hour. The rates are pretty much expensive if you would ask me. I also refused to do horseback riding because I’ve had experience it before.

Some people ride a horse along the road. I saw some of them doing it with a guide. There are lots of people at Wright Park. The majority of people are taking pictures, walking at a BIG stair, and enjoying the horse back riding experience.

Edcel and I walked upstairs. It was a long climb. I guess the stair is equal to 4-5 level of an elevator.When we reached the top, we are very exhausted and there are lots of Taho vendors around.  They sell strawbery and regular flavored of Taho. My girlfriend and I tried the strawberry one. It was our first time to eat strawberry taho. It was pretty good. Unfortunately, it is no longer hot.

There is another tourist attraction near Wright park. It is called “The Mansion.” It’s a few blocks away from the big stair.

Map and Directions

What We Bought At Wright Park?

While waiting for the kids to finish the horseback riding, we walked around the place. We stumbled upon a plant vendor. They sell cactus, poinsettia, flowers and more. We decided to buy some cactus. It costs us 3 cactus for P100. It was worth the money to have something to take care of.

Do you want to know more facts about Baguio City? Visit for more information.


Mines View Park Benguet, Baguio - Our 2nd Stop

Mines View Park Benguet, Baguio – Our 2nd Stop

We decided to go to Mines View Park for our lunch. We looked for a restaurant which allows us to do some sightseeing while eating for an amazing Mines View park experience. Unfortunately, it did not happen because we’re too many. The place where you can eat and do some sightseeing only allows 3-5 persons. We just ate our lunch together in a big table instead of the table near the windown. Awww.

While waiting for the food, we decided to walk around and check some souvenirs. To be honest, the place was so commercialized. Most items are high priced if you would ask me. But if you are a first timer at Baguio City, you should definitely need to buy some souvenirs.

After our lunch, we still grabbed a chance for a sightseeing. We took pictures just like many others.

There are lots of things to see in the place from goods, plants, flowers, clothes, and more.

Here’s what really catches my attention. There are two celebrity dogs in Mines View Park. These dogs are St. Bernard breed. People are taking pictures all day long with these dogs. I wonder how rich these dogs are if they personally collect money from tourists. LOL. Poor St. Bernard dogs. I hope they can take a vacation and relax.

We also thrown some coins in a wishing well from the place just for fun. The catch is we need to shoot the coin in a container.

These are pretty much the how I describe the park. There are lots of activities in Mines View park.

If you’re looking for the exact address of the Mines View Park, it is just Benguet, Baguio, Philippines. I hope you found what you’re looking for in this travel experience.

Good Sheperd: Our 3rd Stop

There’s a good place near Mines view park called Good Sheperd. That’s where we bought our UBE jam. Baguio city visit is not complete without this product. Good Sheperd store only allows 2 bottles per person. That’s their limit so other tourists can buy these items too. The Ube jam price is P320 for 2 bottles. P160 each. This is definitely one of the best goodies out there. It is worth it to buy this product.

What Time Does Good Shepherd Baguio Open?

The opening hours is from 8am-5pm. I’m not sure if they are open everyday. Feel free to call them using this contact number: 00 63(2)913-64-07 - if you happen to know the days when they are open, feel free to let me know and help me help others.

What is the Address?

They are located at #15 Gibraltar Road, 2600 Baguio City.

Burnham Park Our 4th Stop

Burnham Park: Our 4th Stop

After we bought some Ube jam, we went to Burnham Park. My girlfriend and I decided to just stay at the park where lots of kids area playing. Your kid will surely enjoy playing there but be prepared to run with your kid. Why? There are lots of playground for your kids to do some activities at Burnham park. Fortunately, there is no fee. The playground is free for public use.

Although, there are facilities with fees. It was worth for the kids. My nieces and nephews ride some bike. The bike rental costs P50/hr.

Some of my cousins went to Ukay-ukay store to buy some 2nd hand bags, shoes and etc. The market is just a few blocks away from Burnham Park. It is near a Shell gas station. They took a walk to go there.

We also ride a boat at Burnham Park Boating Lake. It costs us P300/hr. We had so much fun. Even my nephew tried to drive the boat on his own. And we often bumped to some other’s boat. Luckily, our boat didn’t sink. LOL.

Strawberry Farm La Trinindad, Benguet: Our 1st Stop (Next Day)

At 7 am the next day, we left the hotel going to the Strawberry Farm. When we arrived, we headed towards the farm. We saw vendors scattered around the entrance of the farm. They sell strawberries obviously, oranges, lettuce, and some souvenir items. We have planned to pick strawberries during that day. Unfortunately, they don’t allow it during our visit. So we decided to just buy some strawberries from the vendors at the entrance area. The price of strawberries per kilogram is P150-P200. I bought mine for P300 for 2 kg.

There are different kinds of vegetables as well like lettuce, cabbages, carrots and more. We bought some of them.

That’s pretty much the things that you can do at Baguio city places. Do you have some top 10 or 5 favorite places to visit in Baguio? If you do, share on the comments below with your fellow traveler! Time to say good bye to Kennon Road Lion Head in Baguio City!

Kennon Road Lion Head Baguio City


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    yes, in addition to what you have mentioned, when we went there a year ago, we visited the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Church; Baguio Botanical Garden; Baguio Cathedral; the Bell Church in La Trinidad Benguet you can proceed to strawberry farm if you want, as what we did; The TAM-AWAN village, it’s in Pinsao Proper Baguio, there’s a lot of beautiful paintings to see, crafts and alike, and old tribal houses, entrance fee is P50.;We also visited the Philippine Military Academy on our last stop way back to manila, but mind you guys you have to wear close shoes going there,(PMA) otherwise they won’t allow you to get in.

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