Barasoain Church: Learn How To Get There (Directions)

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barasoain church how to get there

How to Get to Barasoain Church Using Your Vehicle

For those people who have their own vehicle and are coming from Manila, you need to go to the North Luzon Expressway. You need to pass Kamachile, Valenzuela, Meycauayan, Marilao, Bocaue and Guiguinto, Bulacan using the North Luzon Expressway. It doesn’t matter if you came from Quezon City, if you came from Monumento, from Cubao and so on. You need to get yourself in the NLEX.

Tabang is your target NLEX exit. Slow down and keep your vehicle to the right when you see the Shell Gasstation after the Bocaue toll gate. Prepare your NLEX fee at Tabang toll gate. From that point, just go straight until you reach the Malolos fly over. DO NOT use the fly over. Drive under the fly over to reach Malolos crossing. Turn left afterwards. Go straight and you will see Barasoain church at the right side. That’s how you get to barasoain church from NLEX.

Confused? Let me show you the Barasoain church directions using my map created from Google maps. Here’s the link:

If you are from the North, I can only give you a general instructions on how to get to Barasoain church from NLEX. The NLEX exit you need to take is the Pulilan exit.This is your best option if you are coming from the North. That is right after San Simon.

Once you’ve paid your toll fee at Pulilan exit, turn right. Just go straight until you reach the Caltex gas station. You need to turn left. The gas station is just an indication that you are on the correct turn. Just go straight until you see the Malolos fly over. 10-20 minutes is the estimated time before you reach the fly over. DO NOT use the fly over. Drive under the fly over instead to reach the crossing of Malolos. Turn right. Then go straight until you reach the Barasoain church at the right side. That’s it! If you want to know more about the Barasoain church facts, you can visit their official website at You can also check the daily schedule of the mass in our other post. Here’s the Barasoain church  map to guide you on your journey:

Barasoain Church How To Get There by Commuting from Manila

Are you a commuter going to Barasoain church? No problem. I can show you how to get yourself there based on own experience. I have 5 options to give you if you are coming from SM North Edsa, Trinoma, Cubao, Quezon Avenue Station and, Monumento.

  • SM North Edsa UV Express Station – it is located in front of the SM Annex along the road. The fare is P60. You need to check if the vehicle is going to Malolos. Tell the driver to drop you by Malolos crossing.
  • Trinoma UV Express Station – it is located at the main parking lot of Trinoma. You can see lots of sign boards of different places. You need to find Malolos. The fare is P60 as well.  If you are a first timer in Manila and you are having a hard to locating it. It never hurts to ask someone about “UV Express Terminal in Trinoma.” Again, just tell the driver to drop you by Malolos crossing.
  • Cubao Baliwag Transit Bus Station – it is located in EDSA, Cubao, Quezon City Metro Manila. If you took the MRT, you need to drop yourself by Cubao station. The MRT and LRT intersection indicates that you are closer to the Baliwag Transit Bus Station. The road intersection indicates it as well. When you ride the bus, it is better to sit near the driver so you are updated about your exact location. The fare is P58.  The unloading station is before the flyover. Buses are not allowed to unload at Malolos crossing. So you need to walk until you reach Malolos crossing.
  • Centris Station for UV Express – it is located at Quezon Avenue MRT station. When you are standing in front of the Centris Mall, the terminal is on the right side. You can see a couple of vans there. The exact fare is P60. Look for a van going to Malolos and tell the driver to drop you by Malolos crossing.
  • Monumento Victory Liner Bus Terminal – it is located at 713 Rizal Ave. Ext., Caloocan, Philippines. The bus station is near LRT Monumento station. And, the Victory Mall is the nearest mall from the bus station.  People who are falling in line inside the yellow bars are most likely to go to Malolos or Pampanga. If unsure, it never hurts to ask. The fare for this trip is P53. Just drop yourself by before the Malolos fly over because that’s the best option for you. Then walk until you reach the crossing.
  • The next vehicle you need to ride is a Jeepney with a sign board of “Derecho”, “Derecho Bayan” or “Karatig.” Or simply ask the traffic enforcer in Malolos crossing about the Jeepney to ride going to Barasoain church. The fare is P8.50. You can also ride a tricycle however, it is not recommended since the fare is much higher. I think it is around P20-30 from Malolos crossing to Barasoain church.

How to Commute Going to Barasoain Church from Pampanga

If you are a commuter from the Pampanga area, I can help you. I have a very limited knowledge on how to commute from the North going to Barasoain church. I am only familiar with Pampanga location.

First, you need to get yourself in to the Pampanga Robinson’s Mall. If you are from Pampanga, I assume you know this already. You need to go back there to see the Victory Liner Bus. The fare is P50+. I cannot recall the exact amount any longer but I will update this post once I got that information. Ask the driver if the bus will pass Malolos, Bulacan to make sure. If yes,  jump on board. Tell the driver to drop you by Malolos crossing. If you are commuting from other Northern location aside from Pampanga, sorry, this is not your ideal solution.


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