Barasoain Church Mass Schedule 2014 (Updated)

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Are you searching for the Barasoain church mass schedule so you can thank God during your visit? Well, you can check which day and time fits your schedule. Here is the schedule according to’s website.
barasoain-church mass schedule 2014


As you can see above, Sunday is the only day with 6 mass schedules. Sunday has the highest chance to attend a mass in Barasoain church located in  Malolos , Bulacan. That is your advantage. However, you need to take in to consideration that there are other people like you who attend the mass during Sunday. That is the downside of attending during Sundays. If you are planning to visit during weekdays, chances are too early and too late to attend a mass. However, you can enjoy taking pictures with less people around before and after the mass. You don’t want to go to Barasoain church during the 3rd Thursday of the month after 7am. You will no longer can attend a mass unless you want to stay in Malolos, Bulacan until the next day. The mass is being led by Fr. Menald Leonardo and the masses are in Filipino language.

I hope this Barasoain church mass schedule table helped you in your visit. If you have other questions, it is better to get their office contact details and call them. Here is the phone number at Barasoain church – (044) 662 – 7686 or. Make sure to call them during office hours. They are open every Tuesday-Sunday from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

If you are looking for Barasoain church Christmas mass schedule, you need to wait for the Barasoain Church official website to announce it. Most likely, the Barasoain church Simbang Gabi schedule will be announce during the 1st week of December. Mass during holy days are also being announced after the regular mass.

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