Be Our Guest Blogger

Are you a travel enthusiast?  Are you passionate of going out there and explore the amazing world that life has to offer? Do you want to share your unforgettable travel experiences specially here in the Philippines? Are you a student who simply love to write about travel? Well, our doors are wide open for you. If you feel like answering these three questions with a “yes” then we are happy to hear from you. We are looking for set of people who has the passion in writing about travel experiences. We can feature your work on our blog as your portfolio. We help to promote you and your work!

Our Requirements:
• We need an original content and it must never been published in other websites before.
• You must agree to take full responsibility of any copyright infringement issues that may occur. It will not be an issue if your content is original.
• As much as possible, your content should come from your life experiences as a travel enthusiast.
• The length of the article should be at least 400-700 words.
• We need you to do your best to make the article grammatically correct and typographical error free.
• We love your content to be written from the reader’s perspective with a conversational tone.
• Your content must have a reason why people should read it.
• We serve the right to change the title of the article. You can also suggest for a catchy title that you want which makes people want to read your article.
• Your article must contain a picture related to the subject matter. If you don’t have a picture, we will get one for you.
• We need your articles to be written for humans.

We love articles that make us laugh, nod, and fascinate. In this way, the reader will gain some insights on what to do when they visited the place themselves. The list of categories you can choose from to write your articles are beaches, caves, mountains, churches, restaurants, sport center, you name it. If you feel that your topic is not included in the list, you can email us at[aaat] so we can discuss further. We are happy to know more about it. All articles are subject for review before we post it on our website.

Expectations After the Article Review:
There can only be one result after we initiate the review of your submitted article. It is either approval or rejection. You must be ready to accept whatever the output is. In case your article was rejected, you don’t need to feel bad about it. Why? There are lots of opportunities around the world. You must take it as a challenge to move forward. And, most importantly, you are a price elsewhere. All you need to do is to keep on searching the fit that you deserve.
We value trust to all our guest authors who exerted the effort to write and submit their articles. You need not to worry about your article to be publish somewhere else. The submitted article will not be disclosed to any third parties. It will remain confidential and deleted afterwards so you can submit it to other blogs for guest blog review.
The things stated above will only happen if the article doesn’t meet the following requirements. Being a guest blogger, you know which category to put yourself in. Of course, you would want to follow the instructions.

Your Benefits:
• Promote links on the Author’s Byline to gain exposure. As a credit to your contribution, we highly encourage you to put your social media profile on the author’s bio.
• Positive feedback that boosts your credibility and opportunities. Testimonials are very useful for boosting your portfolio’s quality. It is like a walking advertisement that recommends you as a partner.
• Update Bio. You can change your short bio anytime, just give us a heads up.

Here are some example articles that you can refer to:

For article submissions, questions and concerns please communicate with us via[aaat] We are looking for regular contributors on our website. Just send us your message if you are interested so that we can discuss more about the subject matter. Looking forward to hearing from you.