Biak na Bato National Park San Miguel Bulacan Travel Guide

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Last March 7, 2015, Edcel and I had a day tour adventure at Biak na Bato National Park in San Miguel, Bulacan. We came from Malolos all the way to San Miguel, Bulacan. It was 2 hours travel time from our place. From Plaridel crossing, we ride a bus going to San Miguel, Bulacan. The bus fare is P56 per head. The bus has dropped us at Sta. Rita. The landmark nearby is a clock made of bricks. See the picture below.

clock sta rita

How Much Does It Cost to Get There?

Right after the bus unloaded us at a brick clock, we head over to a tricycle terminal. We asked the driver how much does it cost to get there. The driver said, “P150 for one trip going to Biak na Bato.” It was expensive if you would ask me. However, there is no other way around aside from riding a tricycle for a commuter unless you have your own vehicle.

Biak na Bato Map Directions – How to Get There

It took us 30 minutes to get ourselves to Biak na Bato. That was a pretty long ride for a tricycle and I think the P150 for one trip is a good deal. After we have reached Biak na Bato, the tricycle driver asks us if we wanted him to pick us up going back to the terminal. We said, “Yes” and I asked for his phone number so we can send him a text message. Why? Well, there is no assurance that you can get someone to send you back to the tricycle terminal.

Here’s a Google map of Biak na Bato for convenience.

From Saint Paul University where you can see the clock, you need to take the Cagayan Valley Road route. Once you reach the San Miguel Nation High School, you need to take the Magsaysay road. Just go straight until you reach Biak na Bato National Park. Tour guides are there to help you out with your travel concerns.


What You Need Before Entering Biak na Bato National Park?

First, a representative is going to discuss something about the place. They are going to tell you the allowed places and the forbidden places to go. They will explain it to you with a map and rules of this protected area.

We hired a tour guide for P200 rate going to Aguinaldo. They don’t allow tourists to go there without a guide because of the recent Madlum river tragedy. Aside from P200 for the tour guide, there is a P30 entrance fee.

Take a look at the Biak na Bato map below:

Biak na Bato Map


If you want to learn more about the Biak na Bato facts, visit Wikipedia for more information.

What Places Do We Visit at Biak na Bato?

Emilio Aguinaldo

This is one of the historical places here where Emilio Aguinaldo hide during war. In order to get there, we need to cross a wooden bridge. Don’t worry, it is not a hanging bridge that swings like crazy. They have replaced the bridge recently because of the age and termites eating the wood. Here’s a picture of the current bridge:

Bridge at Biak na Bato

A Hall

We have taken our lunch in this area. I asked the tour guide about the use of this hall and he said, “it was being use for team buildings.”

Team Building Hall


We have visited several caves in the area where we took some pictures. The caves are amazing. We saw some parts of it that shines like crystal. However, there are some people who abuse the cave by breaking some parts of it or making some vandalism.

One big cave catches my attention. It is called Bahay Paniki. There are lots of bats in the cave and the surrounding smells like bat poop. The tour guide says, “the bat poop is being used as a fertilizer by some people here.” The big stones inside the cave are covered with brown matter which is the bat poop.

There are other famous caves in the place that we haven’t explored yet. They are named as Yungib 1-4.

Bahay Paniki Cave


The citizens nearby the place are using the river in washing their clothes. We also saw some kids that are hunting some fish to eat. It was even cool to see that they are getting their drinking water from the underground river. The people have placed a pipe inside an underground river to get a clean water to drink. By the way, the tour guide said, it is best to visit Biak na Bato during the months of November to January. The river has flowing water.  Here are some pictures of the river and underground river.

Underground River at Biak na Bato National Park


Flowing River


I hope this experience and documentary has given you some insights on what to do at Biak na Bato National Park at San Miguel Bulacan. This place is definitely one of the best locations to visit in this province.



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