Big Rock Farm Resort San Rafael Bulacan Philippines

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Big Rock Farm Resort located at San Rafael inside Bulacan is really as uncomplicated as the way it become. The name, based on the Flintstones, empowered cavern pool 1 of 5 in their area. It pays off respect to 2 of their most notable characteristics: the 2-acre farmland that rests uponthe Coral na Bato, as well as its massive, regenerated rock structures.

The rocks in Big Rock Farm Resort are actually brazenly plastic material to look at, incredible, nevertheless. It is outstanding since because of the resort’s near to actual life-sized Marvel and Pixar figure sculptures embellishing edges every now and then, which includes 2 Spideys within the fiberglass in the kiddie swimming pool.

Although there are less swimming pools here in Big Rock Farm Resort compared to Bulacan’s famous wave pool resort hotels, there is enough for every age group. There are mini-slides for the kids and youngsters; another on a great Orca slide and a make shift falls intended for pre-teens and youth; and a cave pool for adults with depth from about 5 feet. There is also a recently built swimming pool underneath a hanging bridge which hangs around the section.

Furthermore, there is a compact swimming pool fronting a personal enclave like the cave pool, that we assume has been designed for visitors requesting an exclusive place of their own. That is apart from an igloo-like location close to the Orca pool which acts exactly the same function.

Atmosphere wise, Big Rock Farm Resort provides an intriguing and entertaining undertake of the prehistoric era as well as cartoon shows. It is stated that the owner – a politician, not surprisingly – had it made with individual family members getaways in mind. I’m considering their household tend to be huge cartoon lovers because their own suite (located close to the entrance) is actually designed based on Fiona and Shrek’s shack.

Having said that, the Big Rock Farm Resort is a vacation resort ideal to visit with little ones – which is clearly its target customer, prevailed through teenagers. It’s a little bit unique for adults that may desire a more “mature” spot to take pleasure in. However, it is a vast lot with lots of room to wander all around, although the swimming pools are usually very packed (specially the Orca pool area).

Importantly, for just a vacation resort that is usually loaded (due to the fantastically inexpensive fees) and that is already been running for 4 years, the maintenance is outstanding. All is razor-sharp as well as delicate, from the swimming pools up to the cottages towards solid wood patio chairs, you would believe it really just opened up the other day.

The bathrooms – that, in addition, are extremely very few for the resort’s capability – can use several modest vehicle repairs as well as siphoning (the actual showering cubicles, particularly. It is icky to get moving upon a 3 inches water with people’s debris, dirt, and soap froth within it whilst washing. However, for just P100, I seriously cannot grumble.

Vacation insights within Big Rock Farm Resort:

You will find enough cottages for lease within Big Rock Farm Resort. Almost all are nicely taken care of and are available along with 220V electrical sockets. It’s wise to come earlier (around 8am), so that you can choose cottages at your preferred location. We had been given a nipa hut close to the cave pool which was a little hot since the actual nipas tend to be clumped consequently close with each other. Those nipas nearby the massive slide provide more space and are nearer to the bathrooms.

There are many air-conditioned suites for rental intended for overnights stay within Big Rock Farm Resort. Even so, please be aware that throughout high season (summer time, holiday seasons), you will possibly not be capable of booking one without having earlier reservation. We showed up 10 in the morning and everything appeared to be already reserved.

The easiest method to go at Big Rock Farm Resort is by exclusive transport. The resort is situated in a remote compound, so there are no any public vehicles driving through. The majority of the visitors arrive in leased jeepneys. Massive totally free automobile parking space is available, so you won’t ever need to bother about that.

Foods as well as refreshments (which includes alcoholic beverages) could be brought within the Big Rock Farm Resort – it is actually preferable to do so given that they don’t have a cafe or restaurant. What they have is just a modest sari-sari store which offers soft drinks as well as pre-ordered dishes in a bilao. They declined selling us lunch, since they acquired way too many backed-up purchases already. In the event that my own mother-in-law did not release her inside tigress (once again), we’d likely have wound up with merely breads to enjoy. Food’s extremely inexpensive, tasty, and nicely proportioned.

You will find 4 toilets, however, only 3 are for showering while 1 for each and every part (1 near the Orca pool; 1 in the center, at the rear of the stage, fronting the actual cave pool; and 2 close to the cave pool slides (proper most part of the vacation resort). Be prepared for a long line.

Extra note: it appears that very few individuals are conscious of the T&B in the center (over the cave pool) because it is hidden inside a silent hallway to the side, reachable by a flight of stairways. Almost nobody makes use of this facility, so, you can use it to avoid long queue.

Located exactly in Brgy. Coral na Bato, San Rafael, 3008 Bulacan, Philippines, Big Rock Farm Resort surely is a paradise. Visit the great reviews in TripAdvisor, experience a fun resort with your family filled with so much activities to choose from. Don’t forget to take photos with your family specially the kids in life size statues of cartoon and super hero characters which they will surely love. Feel free to inquire in their official Facebook page. If you visit them, feel free to leave your review about the service and amenities. Big Rock Farm Resort is an experience unlike any other resorts indeed.

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