Bojo River Aloguinsan Cebu Philippines

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Wide-ranging mountain tops, green woodlands, limestone coves, and dark caverns aren’t all of our solely playgrounds. Certainly, Darling and I tend to be to ocean outdoorsmen. Whenever we find out a vacation spot with plenty of activities, an exciting occasion that allows us to appreciate our bond, or a place that makes us wonder of Mother Nature’s miracle, we both jump for doing it.

The Bojo River located at Aloguinsan is definitely an illustration of our desires. Once we found out that Aloguinsan’s municipality features a stream cruise trip right after surfing around the place of my close friend and fellow blog writer Leylander’s access “Finding Bojo,” both of us instantly grasped to test it. Following a persistent search online, we determined that Bojo River vacation cruise is safe and hassle-free to use, and is sufficient to get carried out through non-outdoorspeople. Eventually, Darling and I decided to take our family along.

We began our journey as early as 5:30 AM, Apr 14, Sunday. Eventually after a couple of hours of tour riding the bus, we arrived at the intensifying dock area of Toledo, recognized mostly because of its mining business. Toledo can be the jump-off place for those going to San Carlos, Negros Occidental. For us, it’s the path going to Aloguinsan since there are little to no bus within the South Bus Transport Terminal bound to Aloguinsan.

According to gathered information, we’re meant to aboard a jeep bound to Aloguinsan through the Toledo Area Transport Terminal. By inquiring all around, a kind aged motorist provided a ride for us towards Bojo River in a reasonable price of Php60. Pretty good whatsoever. View it in this way: when we follow the typical means, we’d spend Php35 to arrive at the Aloguinsan marketplace, then aboard to a cruise the habal-habal going towards Bojo River, which would most likely cost Php15 to Php20. There had been youngsters with us. We’d point out, we got an excellent offer.

The Duders by themselves were thrilled regardless of the summer time warmth. Rapid 230meter stroll towards the reception desk has been full of events of expectation.

The whole riverbank is really an all-natural “museum” because of the initiatives of Aloguinsan’s diligent LGU and efficient travel related marketing campaign. In the process, we all discovered plenty of indicators to identify various types of flowers. One recommendation though – it might be better if the information comes with the name of the plant is utilized to introduce Aloguinsan’s tradition, as opposed to just setting up a name and its scientific title.

As we go along, we started to get a peek at the magnificence of the river. Ultimately, we attained our initial look at Bojo River. That is a massive WOW! The tranquility felt in the spot overcame all of us. Fifteen minutes later, we reached the reception desk in where we registered to the Bojo River vacation cruise. A straightforward tarpaulin smoothly and effortlessly explains the significance of mangroves, as well as river procedures to deal underwater animals that will welcome you.

A food table had been prepared for visitors who availed a whole trip package deal. The self-serve buffet lunch time belongs to that bundle.

Vibrant adornments produced locally, as well as organic goods give a provincial Cebuano experience. Coconuts embellished using small flowers, an incredible Gumamela set up to be the table’s focal point, along with a style of the pawikan (eco-friendly ocean turtle) are some of the ornaments which makes you proud and astonished of Cebuano’s creativeness and resourcefulness.

Right after payment, Ms. Nonela Villegas from Bojo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association or BAETAS briefed us about the trip. According to her, the name “Bojo” is a Spanish phrase which means “river ceiling.” Nonetheless, within the Visayan language, it’s pronounced as “bo-ho” which translates to “hole” (in fact, an intake) which the river leaves the ocean. In past times, Cebuano fishermen manufactured their own distance to the inlet to find sanctuary during bad weather. This inlet likewise concealed Cebuano soldiers from Spanish and Japanese intruders throughout the Philippine Revolution and the second world war, correspondingly. Ms. Nonela furthermore talked about the guidelines, rules, and basic safety provisions that people have to know prior to getting into the actual cruise trip.

50 % of the associated fees would go to the tour guides, while the rest of it would go to the LGU.

The relaxing Bojo River is an extremely crucial artery in the municipality. As aforementioned, it’s an entrance going to the ocean exactly where fishermen harvests Mother Nature’s resources. It’s also an origin of farmland sprinkler system, a location where village people could interact socially, along with a spot where maritime life may prosper. Quite simply, the stream is undeniably Aloguinsan’s life line.

The time came to aboard the baroto, a conventional Filipino ship designed with outriggers regarding harmony. We all decided on a huge baroto since there were youngsters with us, and we didn’t want them to cruise a compact baroto on their own. Barotos could be paddled, however, this one had a motor although the mechanism had not been turned on.

Certainly, everybody was extremely looking forward to this cruise trip.

Manang Bella, our wonderful professional BAETAS expedition guide, is one of the numerous fishermen that collect the bounties from the sea. She’s a fantastic guide – she’s in a level together with biology instructors we’ve had during college. In fact, Manang Bella is well-aware of the area, as well as scientific terminologies of different types of mangroves and flowers, and is acquainted with mangrove biosphere as well as the entire environment.

According to her, the Bojo River and its riparian area is a 1.4 kilometer safeguarded nature reserve. Besides the countless varieties of plants, the stream is where you can witness sixty varieties of birds, two of which tend to be migratory.

The nipa rooftop of standard bahay kubos (Filipino sheds) may come out as similar to palm mangroves since one of the numerous types of mangroves align the Bojo river.

That’s an impressive, untainted, substantial mangrove woodland. Mangroves, in addition, tend to be sort of medium-height bushes which mature and adjust to saline seaside spots, mainly in the tropics as well as subtropics. Quite simply, they’re woods that grow through the sea. Regular terrestrial bushes as well as flowers perish whenever subjected to salt water.

The stream cruise trip is a forty-five-minute soothing and academic experience together with these types of mangrove jungles.

Maintain silence, and you may actually have the chance to listen to the symphony of birds. The particular mild splashes regarding oars give a really provincial sense towards the cruise. This cruise trip, mind you, goes a length of 1.4 kms upon brackish river.

Bojo hosts a fascinating fishing local community. Fishermen’s fishing boats are usually docked in the shoreline, all set to go out the fishing period. Nevertheless, fishermen and local people aren’t allowed to develop any kind of construction in the region because of the river’s safeguarded status.

The Bojo River is filled with life. On the way, we saw fishermen venturing out to the ocean and youngsters spiritedly play within the clean water.

All of us arrived for this bend and the river grew to become broader. Water also started to be clearer that signifies we’re approaching the mouth area in the intake. Manang Bella asserted that there have been plenty of monkeys which accustomed to reside in the trees and shrubs over the coves. These were sought after down some time ago.

As we go along, we saw some sort of “cave.” Manang Bella described that cavern is really man produced. These were blasted way back when through treasure-searchers who have been trying to find the seemingly magical Yamashita’s Gold, the war loot presumably thieved through Japanese forces throughout the second world war.

Rounding the curvature, we noticed the depart leading towards Tañon Strait, the slim strait between island destinations of Negros and Cebu. Out of this point of view, it is easy to comprehend the reason why Bojo River works as an ideal sanctuary for fishermen.

A kayaker embarked towards depart. At this time, water was slightly tougher, meaning the ocean is beginning to take above this river, checking entrance towards Tañon Strait. Moving over the inlet offered all of us a sense of humbleness as well as amazement. We took a peek at the huge ocean in front of us, as well as the imposing coves which encircled us. Embarrassment rushed into our guts with the idea regarding self-importance that individuals, people, drilled into ourselves. It’s during those times when we’re merely captivated and humbled simply by nature’s splendor.

Regrettably, reefs around the globe exactly like it they are under stress. Human being dangers include coral mining, city run-off, reclamations, natural and inorganic contamination, overfishing, and excavating of waterways. Other larger hazards offer a rise of ocean temperatures and ocean level, as well as alterations in the sea’s marine acidification, all of which are associated with greenhouse gas pollutants.

As we experienced our own fill up involving Tañon Strait, all of us returned to the inlet. Afterwards, a guide declared that people may take a plunge right here. Nobody hesitated and everybody leaped within the crystal clear, cool, waistline to chest area deep water. Indeed, we got a great deal of enjoyment.

On the way back to the reception desk, all of us saw a good boardwalk. We all gave it a try.

The boardwalk was 400 meters long and operates alongside riverbank, slicing through the mangrove woodland. We all agreed that it was an amazing architecture. Consider an extended causeway all made from bamboo bedding.
At the end of the boardwalk are 165 steps carefully carved on a hill. These steps lead to an airy viewing area at the hilltop.

We’ll certainly return to this area to discover other concealed wonders within Aloguinsan.

Approximated Spending budget for each Individual (not including meals and extras)
Php70 – non-aircon bus ticket coming from South Bus Terminal to Toledo Terrain Transport Terminal (there are also airconditioned V-hires to Toledo, cost is Php100. You may cruise on one those vans in the Citilink Terminal)
Php60 – jeepney fare from Toledo Land Transport Terminal bound to Bojo River trailhead *
Php300 – well-guided river cruise
Php35 – habal-habal towards Hidden Beach **
Php35 – jeepney fare from Hidden Beach trailhead bound to Toledo Land Transport Terminal
Php70 – non-aircon bus from Toledo Land Travel Terminal bound to Cebu South Bus Terminal

Full Approximated Spending budget for every individual (which include our lunch, treats and beverages) – Php 700


  1. The prosperity of your own Aloguinsan River visit is seriously determined by the tides. It’s not possible to cruise with the river throughout low tide. Therefore, you need to get in touch with the Aloguinsan Travel and leisure Local authority or council in advance to evaluate the tide within your day of tour. In fact, this was our group’s mistake. We were lucky that when we got there, the tides were in height.
    To contact the Aloguinsan Municipal Tourism Office, you may use this contact information:

Telephone number: (6332) 492-9042
Cellular phone: 0997-371-5698/ 0933-120-9480
Facebook web page: Aloguinsan River Eco-Cultural Tour

  1. All of us acquired the river trip. However, BAETAS also provides packed fees. Based on our experience and research, these are the basic prices:

30-50 Pax – Php450 per head
20 – 30 Pax – Php480 per head
16 – 20 Pax – Php500 per head
11 – 15 Pax – Php530 per head
6 – 10 Pax – Php550 per head
5 Pax – Php800 per head

The package incorporates an extensive spiel upon mangroves, ecosystem, as well as wild animals; a conventional send-off habit done by a town medication person (mananambal); a self-serve buffet lunch; a stream cruise, along with a mat-weaving demo.

Observe that we don’t have total control of the costs, since these can change without prior notice. Seek advice from the Aloguinsan Tourism Office with regard to changes for the cost.

  1. The Bojo River cruise trip can be achieved in a single day. However, it might take more than this if you are planning to understand more about other parts of Aloguinsan. Right now, know that Aloguinsan is a fourth-class town, therefore, do not expect hotels and inns.
  2. It is strongly advised that you provide the following:

Scuba diving mask or swimming glasses (the underwater seascape in the inlet would be to die for)
Under water digital camera (to capture magnificent views of the world underwater)

  1. By no means toss trash to the river. Even if it’s just organic and natural meals. Keep in mind that the Bojo River is a safeguarded spot. Apart from doing harm to environmental surroundings, you’d be smacked a legal case in the event you disobey regulations.
  2. A person don’t need any kind of special adventuring gear to the river vacation cruise. Nonetheless, you may wish to bring the subsequent:

Water for drinking
Trekking sandals or sturdy shoes
Packed lunch
Umbrella, hat, or sarong
Extra clothes
Rain gear
Extra cash for emergency

  1. Pay attention to the guides. The cruise trip is much more educational and fun for those who pay attention to them.

Bojo River is located in Aloguinsan, Cebu City, Philippines. If you are looking for a tour that involves cove, eco-type environment, different flora, or an adventure like no other, the Bojo River will certainly give you more than that. So, feel free to visit this one of a kind forest-like cultural ride in Bojo River.

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