Children’s Island Pangasinan – Hundred Islands Day Tour

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After Bolinao, we headed to Children’s Island in Alaminos, Pangasinan which is part of the Hundred Islands. We rented a house for 1 day for P4,000. The house was good to fit us all. I think our number is between 10-20. Not bad at all. There were 3 rooms for all of us.

Our rented house is near the port where we can ride a boat going to Hundred Islands. It is just a walking distance.  The place was surrounded by souvenir shops, restaurants and inns. Take a look at the picture below of the parked boats in Alaminos, Pangasinan. As you can see, the place where boats are parked is quite dirty. The unclear water is a sign of pollution. Well, the place is being visited by lots of people every time. That’s how the nature gets its wounds.

Alaminos Pangasinan BoatsHundred Islands Boats


Just a friendly tip, be sure to bring your snorkeling gear. You will definitely regret if you didn’t see the beauty under water. It is well worth it to bring those things.

After we get ourselves on board, we started to travel going to Hundred Islands. I was so amazed how beautiful the nature is. I feel like I want to bond with nature even more! In the middle voyage, I saw a man in the middle of the ocean. I wonder what he is doing. He is wearing a goggles and he’s holding a some kind of a fish spear. I think he’s there to catch fish. We also saw a small floating container. I think it is where he put his catch.  He suddenly submerged himself underwater and when he floats, he raised his spear with a pierced fish on it. That was amazing! He was like a hunter from the old times.

Here’s a sneak peek on how beautiful the place was!

Alaminos Pangasinan Ocean


We visited an island called “Children’s Island” in Pangasinan. Obviously, it is a good place for kiddos. It has a large portion of sand throughout the place unlike the other islands which is rocky. And, the depth is definitely ideal for kids. I remember this island more than others because we have stayed there for quite a longer time compare to others. There are lots of people there who are enjoying the beach too.  If you are an adult, you can even cross from Children’s Island to another island. Take a look at the island on this picture. You can cross that one but be careful, there are sharp rocks when you cross it. Do not go there with bare foot, wear your sandals or slippers.

Children's Island Pangasinan


After a while, I decided to do some adventure. I ask my girlfriend and cousins to go with me on the other side of Children’s Island where some boats are docked. Here’s a picture at the back of Children’s Island.

Other Side Of Children's Island Other Side Of Children's Island Dock


The water was so clear. Different kinds of fish are being seen here. I even saw a BIG hermit crab. Too bad, I don’t have a personal waterproof camera yet to take some pictures of it. I just took these photos from my cousin.

Then we started to walk on the edge of the island. We bring our footwear with us to prevent unwanted cuts from rocks or corals or anything underneath. I happened to stepped on some corals accidentally and it got broke. I am so sorry for that coral, I wonder how many years it will take to grow something like that again.  After that,  I make myself cautious in every step I take.

After that mini adventure, we are so pleased that we did it and go back to where we came from.  We just form a letter C path of the whole island. We didn’t go through the other half since it was kind of risky. The other half is higher it depth.

When we came back, my other cousin just created a sand castle. Here’s a picture of it.

Sand Castle on Children's Island


There are some busineses like ISUZU who’s advertising their brand in the place as you can see in the picture. They are reminding people to be responsible enough for the nature.

Too bad, our vacation is coming to an end. I wish I could stay longer than 1 day.  Well, I guess I will just come back for more! Here are some amazing images of the islands that you can see in this place. These are just a small chunk of the 123 islands of Alaminos, Pangasinan.

54321Good Bye Children's Island Pangasinan


This is a one of a kind experience for me. I really enjoyed seeing the beauty of my country the Philippines. I hope you enjoy my story in Children’s Island Pangasinan. Have you been here? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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