Citang’s Eatery Sta. Isabel Malolos Bulacan

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Citang's Eatery Signboard

This eatery called Citang’s is located at Sta. Isabel, Malolos Bulacan. LTB is my favorite food to order. It means “Lugaw Tokwa Baboy.” Do you want to know the reason why I love to order this food? Well, the crunchiness of the pork is outstanding! My family and friends love the food as well. The taste is amazing when combined with vinegar. It makes me say, “Oohhh Lalah.” Do you know it when you’re saving the best for last while eating? That’s exactly how amazing this food is! There are lots of snacks and tidbits to choose from. You can take a look at their menu here:

Citang's Menu

Keep in mind, you need to visit Citang’s Eatery between 6am -10am if you are after LTB. Otherwise, you might miss it. Why? It was in demand. People keep coming back every single day to taste Citang’s LTB. It wouldn’t last for a half day at least unlike  other LTB restaurants in Malolos, Bulacan. I guess, I’m just a fan of eating Lugaw Tokwa Baboy. Here’s one of the reasons why it wouldn’t last long. It is nearby Malolos Sports Complex. Most people are hungry after treating themselves with morning exercises. These people would definitely love to treat themselves a good meal.

I also love to order the “Biko.” It is a sweetened rice with soft and sticky texture. It is best to eat it with the combination of “niyog.” It tastes good indeed.

The Citang’s small eatery is located nearby Sta. Isabel church. I remember the time when my girlfriend and I ate there. First, we jog going to Citang’s eatery and the finish line was the LTB! It was worth it.

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You can buy some of your pasalubongs here  like Chicaron, pastillas, and etc.

Citang's Eatery Products

This eatery is also featured in a television show called “Ang Pinaka” in channel 11. This eatery is definitely need to be featured. I just disagreed with how the ranking works. I think it ranked #10 in best restaurants to visit in Malolos, Bulacan. It should be at least in the top 5 in my opinion.

I hope you found this post useful. This is definitely worth a visit. You will enjoy how awesome their menus are. CHEERS!~


Excuse my grammar errors. English writing is not really my forte. :D


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