Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort San Nicolas, Bulakan Bulacan

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The date was October 5, 2014. We visited Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort in Brgy. San Nicholas Bulakan, Bulacan. The place is surrounded by rice fields and there are some farm animals around like horses and cows.

We had no problems with the parking lot when we got there. There’s a lot of parking space. I guess we visited during the off season.

We payed P180 per head. Just a friendly reminder, don’t forget your Filipino senior citizen card for 20% discount. My mom and dad got some discounts because they are over 60.

The Cool Waves Resort is strict about bringing some alcoholic beverages. They have inspected every bags, containers and plastics that we’ve had. When we got ourselves in the entrance, the birds are giving us a warm welcome. There’s a red parrot and a white bird, not sure if it’s a parrot though. There are some other other animals there like monkeys and other species of birds.

Parrot at Cool Waves

Coolwaves Ranch and Waterpark Resort

The picture above is the main pool. Cool waves resort management blows a horn as a signal to call people whenever the waves come into place. There is also a mini hut in the shore of the swimming pool.  This main pool is ideal for kiddos.

Raging River of Cool Waves Main

The picture above is the Raging River pool. You can see lots of animal figures in this part of the resort.  There are crocodiles, elephants and etc. It is ideal for picture taking moments. This part of Cool Waves resort is also ideal for kids because there is a like a playground in the middle where kids can slide themselves. Kids will definitely enjoy the water bucket challenge amenities in the Raging River pool. You need to wait for a couple of minutes before  the pail is filled with water. That’s the intense part. You’ll never know when the water pours into you.

This pool below also has waves and connected to the Raging River.

Raging River of Cool Waves Starting Point

That’s where the wave starts. It was connected to the Raging River pool where you can see some animal figures and mini slides.

The third pool at Cool Waves resort has the ultimate slide of all and the biggest pail of water to fall into you. You’ll be surprised when the water hits you from nowhere. It was just unexpected. No one on the pool can see whenever the water on the pail is full.

Giant Slide Pool of Cool Waves

We have also experienced the fish spa. This spot is nearby the helmet diving spot.

Fish Spa


Map Directions Going to Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort

If you are coming from the North like the provinces of Pampanga, Zambales, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Baguio, you can take the Malolos bayan route from Malolos Crossing. If you’re coming from the South like Manila, Kamachile, Bocaue, Meycauayan, Guiguinto, Marilao, Valenzuela, Valenzuela,  you need to take the Balagtas, Bulacan route. I hope this map can help you in your travel going to Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about some Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort experience. If you need more information, you  can visit their official website at

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