DJ Paradise Resort Pools and Hotels Mac Arthur Hi-way Malolos Bulacan Philippines 2019

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The enjoyment begins as soon as you step up! Whether it is for journey or leisure, DJ Paradise resort offers everything from crystal clear sparkling swimming pools to stylish personal cottages to attractive sceneries to exceptional recreational amenities, experience a getaway unlike any other.

Just a total of forty-five minutes from Manila, The DJ Paradise resort is proud of a cover of trees and shrubs and tropical flowers that normally revolve around when you step inside. DJ Paradise Resort has a refreshing oxygen rich environment combines together with migratory wild birds and housing of plants and flowers to place you in to a state of mind of genuine serenity.

As soon as you get into, you will realize you’re somewhere unique which is exclusive.We all designed it like that. DJ Paradise resort exceptional facilities and services guarantee you that every stay results in great invaluable memories. That makes us ranked as one of the Bulacan’s best hotel and resort.

Graded Class A from the Department of Tourism as well as praised as “Bulacan’s Healthiest Resort” from the Department of Health, the DJ Paradise resort definitely will load your times with encounters beyond the normal. Where by horizons of skies, trees, and the planet melt within a symphonic stream of trance-like peace of mind, ease and balance. The luxurious tropical forest trails flow in a backyard of amazing blossoms, which grow by the footside historic palmera shrubs and forest orchid flowers streaming slowly onto one another.

Elegance is all around you. A golden gleam of sunshine kissing the very pleased palm trees, folks leisurely stroll side by side down the lush pathways, the noiseless laughter of kids as they uncover nature’s delight, the experience of local community because of friends and family, the soothing feeling of security and comfort.

This 9ires of designed property, pampers you extra along with uncompromisingly present day amenities, making certain you love the enhanced comfort and ease of city common lodging while basking within the lushness from your countryside.

Stay all day every day and play in the hawaiian sun desired year in and year out through colonies of holidaymakers. DJ Paradise resort nine best used huge pools with a wave swimming pool awaits your untroubled playing in cool, lamberts rich waters.

Where sun retreats as well as moonlight makes all the stars shine even brighter, surely a paradise definitely a place everyone will likes to take photos to that’s a certain indication you actually haven’t experienced enough. Bathe the night time away in almost any of the twenty-four hour swimming pools and place yourself to sleep in most of the fifty five resort bedrooms such as the dormitory built to have capacity for groups. This is an adventure of a lifetime you don’t want to miss and definitely a experience you will boast about in the future.

Get together and events? DJ Paradise vacation resort can also be a fantastic venue. Having its cafe, diner, videoke pub, and completely set up function spaces, it can deal with all sorts as well as sizes of parties whether it’s a wedding event, birthday celebration, baptismal, conference, and much more.

Traveling across MacArthur Highway from the historical City, Mcarthur highway , Dakila, Malolos City of Bulacan, Philippines, any tourist won’t skip DJ Paradise Resort. An ideal destination for traveler looking for the best inns and hotels to stay and also to fix the spirit and connect with nature. It is a truly getaway place listed in Philippines tripadvisor and rated as one of the best resorts in Malolos City, Bulacan Philippines case you have made tired in the busyness of urban life.

Our full-time helper will assure you and provide you with warm welcome plus a great feeling of entrance and definitely will engage its visitors using a number of personalized services including unexpectedly requests together with routine chores so manifestation of Bulakenos hospitality. Dj paradise resort will surely offers you great service and priceless memories.

Our own executive rooms, completely furnished making use of their private acquiring area and Hot tub Jacuzzi are ideal for a wonderful stay in Haven. Experience the rewards of your personal bedroom in top class suites with lots of excellent reviews and the best deals you can ever find. Candid a must experience paradise.

Plunge and unwind in the clean, fresh, crystal clear blue water in the swimming pool and also have your preferred drink from the pool area bar.

Whether it is a family and friends’ get together or company outings, our own stylish function hall is definitely the ideal venue. Book now or visit our facebook page Dj paradise resort to check for the best deals and offers available.

Methods for getting there

Through public transport

DJ Paradise Resort is extremely open to commuters. It is possible to take any one of the lines which include Aladdin, Royal Eagle, Philippines Rabbit, Victory Liner, Baliwag Transit, or Beatriz. Get those with signs at Malolos Crossing, Hagonoy, Calumpit or Apalit. The actual buses will go through the Tabang Exit and definitely will stop straight in front of our entrance, because it is effortlessly located alongside MacArthur Highway. Bus fares vary from P40 to P60. An alternative choice is via the Tamaraw FX taxis (having the same signs) located in Cubao, SM West or Monumento.

By own car

DJ Paradise resort is just forty-five minutes to at least one hour from Balintawak. Nonetheless, it’s advised that you steer clear of the rush hours in travelling for high traffic may cause the actual travel time to prolong beyond an hour or so. Through the North Diversion Road, go through the Tabang Exit (from the highway, you will see a sign directed towards the road curving right, showing Tabang, Malolos, Guiginto). From Balintawak, toll fee costs P67. Past the tollgate, simply just go straight ahead to the vacation resort. Somewhere around less than 5 more minutes drive. Car parking is not an issue sufficient parking lots are available for within our well-guarded compound.

Regular Rate Room Type [Standard]- $64.55 / Php2840.00
De Luxe$75.00- / Php3300.00
Executive $85.91/ Php3780.00
Excess per head -$2.27 / Php100.00
Private Cottages :Airconditioned rooms[Daytime] (8am – 5pm) -$20.45 / Php900.00
Private Cottages: Night time (7pm – 7am) -$22.73 / Php1000.00
Private Cottage-One Day (24 hours) – $40.91 / Php1800.00

Wave pool
Mega pool
Kiddie play pool
Cascade pool
Saudi pool:
Private pool
Hotel rooms
Canopy Cottage

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