How To Go To Malolos Sports And Convention Center

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Malolos Sports and Convention Center FrontThis place is being visited by people who love to exercise. Every morning, a lot of people are running around the place. There was a time my girlfriend and I visited the place not to do some sort of exercise but to have a picnic style visit instead. We brought a meal from KFC located in Graceland. I think we walked around 50-100 meters from Graceland. We eat there to appreciate the fresh air because that place was a rice field before. Today, it was still surrounded by rice fields. At the back of the Malolos Sports and Convention Center location, we saw some various types of vegetables which I think were planted by the care takers of the place.

What to do at Malolos Convention Center?

If you’re a fan of basketball, you can also play there with your friends. In a daily basis, there are people who played basketball in the place. If you want to play there, you need to schedule it. You don’t want to go there with your friends unscheduled because the court is occupied by other basketball players.

Malolos Convention Center Biking Field

Another thing that you can do in the place is biking. There are biking tracks that you and your friend can enjoy there. If you are a fan of extreme biking sports, you can ride a bike on the top of the ram to make yourself like flying.

I also happened to ask a question from someone in the place. I asked what time and day do people visit the place to go biking and skate boarding. He said, Saturdays and Sunday morning but he didn’t tell the exact time. Maybe he’s not sure as well.

I also see a banner in front of the Malolos Sports and Convention Center about Zumba. If you are an outgoing kind of person and you want to lose some weight, this is for you. Zumba is scheduled during 6am-7am every Sunday.

One more thing that catches my attention in this place was the people who do motorcycle exhibition as a hobby. You can see these people riding their motorcycles in an extreme like standing on top of their toy. They are riding the motorcycle with only the back wheel while the front wheel is hanging. BEWARE: Kids don’t try it at home. You can see these bikers riding in front of the Convention Center.

The Malolos Sport and Convention Center is also a place for event. I remembered the time when the Pinoy Big Brother show at ABS-CBN was held on the place. Another event that was held on the convention center was the Feast by Bo Sanchez, an inspirational speaker.

Learn How to go to Malolos Sports and Convention Center Using My Map

Here’s my general instructions on how to get yourself in the Malolos Sports and Convention Center location based on experience. If you’re coming from Manila, you need to take  the North Luzon Expressway direction.  Let me show you the map below:

If you’re coming from Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales, Baguio or whatever region from the North direction. You need to take the North Luzon Expressway as well. You need to take the exit at Pulilan, Bulacan. This is your best option if you are coming from the North. Here’s the map:

How to Commute Going to the Malolos Convention Center from the North?

Well, the only direction I knew is from SM Pampanga to Malolos Convention Center. You are lucky enough if you’re searching for this exact location. If not, sorry, this article is not your ideal solution.

Now, let’s get in to it. First, you need to get yourself at the back of Robinson Mall. Victory Liner buses are unloading their passengers from that point, at the same time they are loading their passengers. I am pretty sure there is a scheduled time when a bus arrives but I am not sure what it is. I will update this article as soon as I knew it.

What are the Establishments Nearby Malolos Sports and Convention Location?

There are lots of places there that gives you an idea of being closer to the place. If you are coming from Manila, the Malolos fly over is a sign that you are getting closer to the convention center.  The other places after the Malolos flyover will give you more proof  like Malolos Capitol, Graceland, Caltex, Puregold. All of them at the right side if you’re coming from the Tabang exit.

If you’re coming from the North, you will see Northfields Subdivision, Metropolis Subdivision, South Supermarket, Cabanas and more. These place indicates that the Malolos Sports And Convention is getting closer.

The Malolos Sports and Convention Center is also near from Alido Height Subdivision, some mag stores in the highway, Twins Plaza and Jetritz restaurant.

Dep Ed at the back

If you are searching for the new Dep Ed office in Malolos, you can see it right behind the Malolos Sports and Convention Center.

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