Manleluag Hot Spring National Park Mangatarem Pangasinan Philippines

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People of today rarely
experience mother nature in the wild in its breathtaking condition, filled with
refined complexities together with the streams, rocks, forests, and all sorts
of life which rely on and live in them. Comparable to the famous parks in the
Philippines, Manleluag Spring National Park in Pangasinan provides its guests
the chance to bond with nature whilst enhancing one’s understanding and
appreciation of the earth around us all. 

Manleluag Spring
National Park Safeguarded Scenery is a protected space that contains
all-natural hot springs within Ilocos Area in the Philippines. It is 1 out of
the 34 safeguarded landscapes in the country located in the town of Mangatarem,
Pangasinan, within the west-central part of the Luzon.

Manleluag Spring
is one of a two ophiolitic springs, close to the 923 feet tall died-out volcano,
Mount Malabobo. It is perfectly located at the non-urban barangay in Malabobo
within the municipality of Mangatarem, approximately 180 kms to the north
coming from Manila. Part of the Mangatarem forest straddles the provinces of
Zambales, Pangasinan, and Tarlac which all lies within the Zambales Mountain
Range. The region offers has a challenging road structure which is low and has sharp
inclines, having a regular height of 1,033 ft. The park also serves as an
intersection of 2 rivers, namely the Baracbac stream and the Basican streams.

The Manleluag
Spring National Park ended up being converted to a safeguarded landscape spot
around 2004. At present, it includes an overall section of 1,935.17 hectares
along with a barrier of 965.09 hectares. Together with the Hundred Islands
National Park, it is a protected place inside Pangasinan.

The main
territory consists of farming (harvesting, orchards, away from the coast
fishpond), natural woodland, and a few mining routines. The site is available and
obtainable over the 7km grime roads in the national freeway. Through the main
park, several paths and foot tracks had been built hooking up Brgy. Catarataraan,
Calomboyan, Brgy. Lanca Laoac, Basican River, as well as Baracbac River. Likewise,
the park is ornamented utilizing patrol trails along with fire traces in the
specified barrier zones with regards to forest fire safety reasons. The
existing plant life cover is comparatively fresh including supplementary
organic natural environment discovered mainly within the park, planting forest
at the particular buffer zone region, on top of all-natural crops within the
recreation area. Moreover, spots of deserted plantations along with worn away
spots colonized by low herbage, plants, bamboo sprouts, intruders and,
groundbreaking kinds.

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yet convinced enough to visit this rare hot spring park – the Manleluag Spring
National Park.

Visit Manlaleuag
Spring National Park

Town of Agno will
be 362 kilometers away coming from Manila. Out of Lingayen, Sabangan is merely
70 kms and a 1 ½ hours push out. The shore is only a 5-minute drive or a 10
minute sail boat cruise across the Mabini River coming from Poblacion.

Buses which ply
the particular Manila to Pangasinan course:

  • Dagupan
    Bus Line (Quezon City to Dagupan) New York St., Cubao
  • Philippine
    Rapid Manila to Dagupan & Bolinao)
  • Philippine
    Rabbit (Quezon City to Dagupan & Bolinao) EDSA, Q.C.
  • City
    Trans (Manila to Dagupan & Bolinao)
  • Five
    Star Bus Line (Pasay City to Dagupan & Bolinao)
  • Victory
    Liner (Quezon City to Dagupan & Alaminos) Cubao, Q.C.

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Manleluag Hot
Spring National Park

Location Area:
Pangasinan-Tarlac Rd. 2413 Mangatarem, Pangasinan

Mobile phone
number: 0916.223.6358

Fb page:
Manleluag Hot Spring National Park

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