Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando Pampanga Lost Trip

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Metropolitan Cathedral San Fernando Pampanga

Last September 24th, we visited the Metropolitan Cathedral in San Fernando Pampanga. I found myself being lost in the city. It is actually the first time that I visited the place. The culture is pretty much different compare to Bulacan. Their language called Kapampangan speaks for themselves. I somehow felt like in the old times. There are lots of “kalesa” with a horse in it. I asked one of the kalesa operators there about how much would cost us going to Everybody’s cafe. The operator said, P50. It is an above average price compare to normal fare in a tricycle.

The Metropolitan Church of San Fernando Pampanga was so neat to look at. Color white is everywhere. We also entered the church during our visit. We have seen lots of people who still believe in God. When we entered the church, a statue of Jesus Christ on the right that was nailed on the cross catches our attention. Some people are touching the statue while praying. I guess that’s how much they believe in Jesus.

After we prayed, we left. We saw lots of sampaguita vendors outside just like the other churches in the Philippines. That’s when I took some pictures of the Church and its surroundings. I took a picture of a statue outside the Metropolitan Church. I think it was a king. I don’t really know his name. Here’s the picture below:

Statue Outside Metropolitan Cathedral

I also took a picture of the Municipio de San Fernando in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral. It was a classic style building. Here’s the snapshot:”

Municipio de San Fernando in front of Metropolitan Church

Let me also share to you my picture of the “Kalesa.” It is a horse drawn calash in English. There are lots of them. Some citizens of San Fernando, Pampanga are making a living out of this method.

Metropolitan Church Kalesa

We left the Metropolitan Church of San Fernando Pampanga by riding a tricycle going to Everybody’s Cafe. It was P30 for two from the market. Not a bad deal if you’d ask me.

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