Mt. Pulag National Park Benguet Philippines

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Referred to as the highest summit within the entire Luzon area, Mt. Pulag became one of the very well-known mountain tops for you to climb up with regard to fanatics within the Philippines. This particular climb in incredibly chilly weather conditions are not really for any weak hearted. Ought to be fact, you’re now instructed to present a clinical certification coming from a accredited physician to imply that you’re in a good physical shape to accomplish the actual climb. Formalities to one side, what really was Mt. Pulag look like? Would it be worthy of your time and effort, freezing, as well as vacation? For me, indeed! Even though I believed I actually wouldn’t make it, the actual fulfillment of getting to the highest to see the famous sea of clouds surely made each and every step more than worth it.

To become completely sincere, I personally never ever meant upon hiking the 3rd highest mountain within the Philippines. Actually, I just made a decision to sign up for as all of my gentleman buddies had been arranging a vacation and somebody said a cheeky statement upon exactly how about the girls they wouldn’t be capable of doing it. Without the need of blinking a close look, I said excitedly to fill me up and shortly, I discovered myself personally being placed in the briefing area totally not prepared in regards to what would definitely take place within the upcoming 2 days.

The actual Mt. Pulag Hiking Trek:

Days needed or time to peak: 4 to 6 hours and 1 to 2 days
Features: Pine forests, dwarf bamboo slopes, sea of clouds
Level of difficulty: High (because of intense climate conditions)
2922 metres over sea level

You will find 3 hiking trails to select from that all differ in difficulties. There is a simple path Ambangeg, Akiki that is a little more difficult, and finally, the particular intense Vizcaya trail that is solely suggested to skilled hikers. All of us do a mix of the actual Akiki-Ambangeg trek which had been tough enough for me personally.

The actual Lengthy Way Up in Mt. Pulag

Coming from Baguio, all of us packed a jeepney which will dropped us all through the Badabak Ranger Station. Following a short meeting, we all started the climb towards the initial campground. As like the majority of cold climate treks, you actually layer in clothing however instantly start to be sorry while you start off sweating. I personally dressed in jeans, a top, along with a wool sweater that I had taken off and on based on the blowing wind direction. The initial few several hours had been pretty achievable. The way seemed to be very well noted along with sufficient room for all. Right after moving past a stunning sights of pine trees and shrubs, one enters the actual forest which you could view a variety of trees as well as flowers, with respect to the season. It got us all about one and a half hours strolling over the pine forest and yet another two and a half hours roughly towards the mossy woods.

Camping site 1 is situated inside a mossy forest whilst Camping site 2 is within the grasslands at about 2600 meters above sea level. There’s a 3rd campsite which happens to be nearer to the peak for people who desire a simpler trek at the beginning of the early morning. Personally, the actual hike by itself wasn’t as well bad it had been the cold temperature that made things much harder. After a couple of more time involving walking and also trekking, we all eventually arrived at our own campsite for that night. All of us rapidly pitched each of our camping tents and started cooking food for our supper. The evening has been emerging so we needed to swiftly get moving. By now, I had been already enclosed with as much pieces of clothes that I got. I’m very cold, we all heated up a little along with some noodle soup then easily bought straight into our own sleeping-bags prepared to the very early 3am climb up towards the peak.

To Be Ensure To Be Able To Climb The Mt. Pulag:

I’d personally advice everybody to bring along lighting. However, there are usually porters that you can employ, taking sufficient for the purpose you’ll need is essential. Weather is additionally VERY unforeseen, hitting temperature ranges down below zero so be certain that you’re ready for the actual cold.

Hiking gear (in the event you head out as a set, organize with one another so that you can simply share resources)
Slumbering bag/thick blanket
Winter season coat (I would recommend obtaining a good water resistant coat along with a large fleece jacket)
Thermals/leggings/long pants
Hiking shoes
Extra socks/ sarong
Baby wipes / medical kit

The actual Trek towards the Summit

It had been nevertheless pitch dark when our own guides began awakening all of us up Mt. Pulag. Trembling in the cold, we all rapidly obtained our own things collectively and also got prepared for the ascend to the peak. All of us commenced strolling in the trek with practically nothing but our own head lights at the forefront. All around us appeared to be total darkness. The actual stars lit up our way of course we all stumbled all over, making our own approach to the sea of clouds. Just like I stated, the actual trek alone wasn’t too hard. It absolutely was the blowing wind chill which was creating each step unbearable. In spite of putting on thermals, extended pants, furthermore a few tiers on the top, I really could experience the breeze striking by my own clothing. It required us about one and a half hours right up until we all lastly arrived at the actual summit. It absolutely was still pretty dark once we arrived at the top part. By now, because of the wind, the temps got without a doubt decreased to zero as well as rather than the normal “yeah, I achieved the very top of this specific mountain” emotion, I personally crouched close to a plant, wanting to conceal my personal very cold body through the wind.

Daybreak shortly began bursting so that as quickly as the sunshine arrived, I began experiencing a lot better. Regrettably, at the time we all travelled, it had been so breezy, which the famous sea of clouds ended up being scarcely presently there because they were all heading too fast. Soon after hours capturing pictures as well as experiencing the astounding sights in the top, we all gradually commenced making our way straight down. The actual landscape throughout our stroll straight down had been spectacular. Grassland ravines, and excellent azure skies.

Each and every photograph had been picture best. It absolutely was somewhat frightening to discover the trail which we wandered by whilst it was pitch dark. A single slide or perhaps fall may have delivered us crumbling straight down because the ravines were quite extreme. We all went returning to camp to consume breakfast after that started packing up all of our camping tents. The actual trek below the peak took approximately one hour.

Fees regarding Hiking to Mt. Pulag:

Specialized Suggestion: Because of the rise in popularity of hiking in Mt. Pulag, it’s recommended to call in advance to see if there’s still offered slots. Please be aware that Healthcare Certificates are now needed)

You could get in touch with: DENR-PASU – 09196315402

Aside from Transport Expenses, you have to pay:

Required orientation as well as signing up for the Visitor’s Center- Php225 per person.

Expedition guide rate – Php500 per guide per group (five people max)

Optionally available Service fees:

Porter fee – Php300 per porter

Camping tents for rent- Php200

We all does a do it yourself getaway that was prepared simply by our own buddy. Nowadays, there are numerous expedition groups which usually arrange excursions to Mt. Pulag which can be a simpler option to the ones that do hike without the problem of coordinating it. Surely a must try outdoor adventure especially for those who want to climb different mountains of the Philippines the Mount Pulag is must added in your itinerary.

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