Pamarawan Island Malolos Bulacan Boat Trip

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Last February 2013, we travel along Pamarawan island in Malolos, Bulacan. Paombong is our first stop where we rented out 2 boats going to the middle of the ocean. We parked our vehicles along the boat rental station. We just entrusted our vehicle to the people who owned the parking space.  We  came from Malolos too. It is around 30-45 minutes from our place.

Boat Rental Map Location

When we began to travel, it gives me a lot of excitement. It is my first time to see Isla Pamarawan. There are lots of houses on the riverside. The way of living of these people is so simple. Some houses are made of bamboo and dried leaves for roof. It is like a Nipa hut style.

Pamarawan Island Houses


Fishing is the main way of living of Pamarawan Island residence and some nearby places.  Some people are creating Nipa Hut in the place for a shelter. Let me show you some pictures below.

_DSC3292 Nipa Hut in Pamarawan Island


We saw lots of Sasa trees. People are making a living using these trees. Why? The fruit extract of this tree can become vinegar. Vinegar making is one of their specialties. Here’s how the trees looks like:

Sasa Trees Sasa Trees in Isla Pamarawan


We stopped by a village, I’m not really sure what’s the name. We stayed there for a couple of minutes before we go to the middle of the ocean. We also parked our 2 boats on the side.  We have one person on board who’s living in the place so we are in good hands.

Parked Boats Isla Pamarawan Village


We go to the middle of the ocean to swim. Insane isn’t it? Well, the specific are that we went through is on low tide. That’s why we can swim in the middle. I wonder how we look like when other people saw us in the middle of the ocean. I hope they won’t think that we are drowning altogether or something. My eyes were able to see the farthest mountains and some building from Manila. Here, let me show you some pics.

In the Middle of the Ocean1 In the Middle of the Ocean


We also bring some snack here. We are eating like crazy in the boat and one  of our fellow traveler from Pamarawan Island gave us some CRABS! Oh well,  the only one missing is rice! Therefore, we told our selves to conserve our wastes to prevent more nature damage.

I didn’t feel like swimming in the middle of the ocean. My niece said that her feet feels some mud underwater. I guess the nearby villages is the cause.

When the afternoon falls, we return to the village where our fellow traveler lives. We washed the salt water from our bodies before heading back home. While in the middle of the boat trip, we saw a flock of birds roaming around the Sasa trees. It was a nice moment to see.

Flock of birds at Isla Pamarawan


When we arrived at the boat rental station, my siter gave the boat navigator a P2,000 for a fee. Well, it is not bad for P1,000 each boat. It was a good deal and a nice tour of my sister’s friend. I hope this story helps you decide whether to visit the place. If you have been in Pamarawan Island in Malolos, Bulacan,  make sure to share your experiences on the comments below.


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