Panagsama Beach Resort Moalboal Cebu Philippines

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The Panagsama Beach Resort can be found in Moalboal, an urban area located in the south western section of Cebu Province populated by numerous hotels of all kind.

The Panagsama Beach Resort is a perfect spot for retreats for tourists who wish to get a fresh breath of air and quietness to unwind. The place is also ideal for scuba divers who want to relax in the bedroom after an adventure underwater.

Coming from Panagsama, divers along with beginners tripped to discover plentiful maritime life found in certain dive spots close by, such as the most famous Pescador Island.

The Panagsama Beach Resort doesn’t have a pristine sand beach. It’s basically a vacation resort spot through the sea without having fine sand. However, it offers one particular advantage in comparison with the white sand beaches – the actual house reef. There is an area near the accommodation area where tourists can snorkel and view delicate corals, fish, and sea horse.

Intriguing Attributes of Panagsama Beach Resort

Listed here are some features you may enjoy within Moalboal Area. These options offer variety of selection from the less expensive accommodation towards the elegant resorts and amenities.

More affordable Accommodations/Rooms

Most likely, the lodging fee within Moalboal would cost less because of the limited space of sandy shores. Beaches within Panagsama Beach Resort was once extensive; unfortunately, a heavy hurricane from the eighties rinsed aside those fine sand to another part of the area. Needless to say, you may still benefit from the location featuring its resorts establishments, local people, as well as enjoyable activities.

Typical visitors are often scuba divers along with snorkelers. Even so, the establishments, facilities, and services are generally very excellent.

Dining places, Pubs, Karaokes, and the like

A couple of minutes stroll coming from Panagsama Beach Resort will lead you’ll to numerous restaurants, cafes, stores, diving facilities, together with other facilities a person can’t see in other major remote expensive resorts. There’s an exact spot where a community disco night is available during Saturdays exclusively. You are invited to party, drink, and savor with the locals as well as with other tourists.

Activities and Service facilities

Close to Panagsama Beach Resort, are much more lively and entertaining outdoor activities. You’ll find centers that may set up and supply equipment, or perhaps facilities for you to lease.

These outside activities consist of mountaineering, stream rising (implies rising up against the river’s stream which includes hiking between various other tough scenarios), horse riding, cycling, canyoning, and so on.

More enjoyable Activities

In case you seek out, it will be within Panagsama Beach Resort area. It is simple to ask for your own vacation resort provider with any kind of useful spots you would like to go to, or perhaps stuff you desire to do in the region. Don’t forget to question a pal, your best guide, or any acquaintance for much better offers and basic safety reasons.

In any case, here are a few of the fast and readily available items you can also enjoy along with.

Souvenir Shopping
Resto-bar Hopping
Karaoke singing

Water activities

Wind surfing
Island hopping
Sun bathing, and so forth.

Panagsama Beach Resort is where you want to be if you look for long vacations, accompanied with understanding of deep-sea diving, accommodated by budget-friendly economic rooms.

Panagsama Beach Resort is exactly located in Panagsama Rd, Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. It is considered a paradise for tourists seeking for different experiences and solace.

Just make sure to secure lodging or hotel if you wanna try it all since a single day isn’t enough. Don’t you forget to try different dishes the town is proud of local restaurants nearby. Panagsama Beach Resort is a beautiful destination you will surely love for it gives you a must-treasured experience.

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