Singkaban Festival Parade – Malolos Bulacan Provincial Capitol 2014

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Singkaban Festival 2014At the time of writing, the date was September 8, 2014. I went to an event called Singkaban Festival in Malolos Bulacan. Basilica Minore cathedral is the starting point of the parade going to Malolos Capitol. There are lots of native dancers in the parade.  They dance all the way to the Capitol. I can’t imagine how exhausting it can be. One of the purpose of the event is to reminisce the old way of living in Bulacan. There are also mascotts like McDonalds, Robots, and some other cosplay folks in the parade. Here are some “once in a lifetime” snap shots from the parade.


After taking some pictures, we go to the Capitol so we can take a 2nd look of the performers. We took a public utility vehicle going to the capitol.  We asked the driver if he will pass through Capitol and he said, “yes.” So we jumped on board. These vehicles changed their routes to prevent traffic caused by the event.

Note: When going to an event like this, be sure to get yourself in the starting point 1 hour to 30 minutes before the event starts. Traffic is everywhere. The provincial authorities need to close the road to give way to this parade. Just my 2 cents.

After we arrived at the main place of event, an opening ceremony is being held by city officials. Bulakeños are singing the national anthem called “Lupang Hinirang.” Many students from different schools participate the event. Mono blocks are all around the place. Tents are place in front of the stage. Camera mans are everywhere. Government employees are everywhere. Policemen are scattered around the place. Obviously, the road nearby the Capitol are closed. Some officials of Malolos, Bulacan like Gov. Willy Alvarado and Vice Gov. Daniel Fernando are in the event. Even Sen. Bam Aquino is in the event. These are some scenes that you can expect to see when you visit an event like this.

The Singkaban Festival in Capitol view is surrounded by “banderitas.” When I saw some decorations like this, I feel relaxed. The effort itself pays off.

Singkaban Banderitas

Time has allowed me to capture moments of the event parade.  I recorded the video and compiled everything that I captured. Take a look at the video below.

You can also buy some food products at Pasalubong center. Get a glimpse about the goodies they are selling.

Are you looking for a way on how to get yourself in this Singkaban festival event? Check the map below.

You can use the map above if you are coming from the North provinces like Tarlac, Pampanga, Zambales and etc.

If you are coming from the South, check this map below.

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