Sirao Flower Garden Cebu City Philippines

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There’s an essential factor that tourists don’t point out whenever talking about Sirao Floral Garden – that going there isn’t a simple stroll around the block if you are not originally from Mactan Isle. Don’t misunderstand me; this area is a garden lover’s aspiration turned into a reality. Like other tourists, I personally took countless shots for Instagram up to my own heart’s content. However, the tense travel has been one with the books for certain.

The entrance fee for Sirao Garden is only Php50 for adults. However, traveling there from my hotel within Mactan Island required 4 jeepney trips, then one lengthy habal-habal (motorcycle) drive, amassing 4 hours of journey and about Php550. Mind you, that’s for a one-way trip only. Returning to my own hotel required an additional 5 hours and extra Php50 (3 halts). Since a storm hit that afternoon, I was soaked for several hours which caused me to come back home having a flu virus.

Sirao Garden to put it briefly

As soon as social media boomed with photographs of someone in a field of flowers, Sirao Garden capped the list. In fact, I personally showcased it within my cosmo post, “7 Flowered Places For your forthcoming VL.” Known as Minor Amsterdam in Cebu, The Sirao Garden, also known as Sirao Flower Farm is an 8,000-square meter section of uphill terrain. It’s situated in Sirao, a barangay within Busay that’s about 17 kilometers coming from Cebu City.

In contrast to Amsterdam’s well-known tulips, the actual focus of Sirao Garden is the celosia blossom, also referred to as wool plants or cockscombs. Sirao Garden showcase various other vibrant flowers, such as hyacinths and sunflowers. You’ll also notice selfie spots, play homes, kitschy decoration, and tiny replications of Dutch buildings similar to wind turbines.

2 Sirao Gardens

Earlier 2018, there stand 2 distinct Sirao Gardens along with two different entrance fees. First is the original Sirao Flower Backyard garden, and second is the Sirao Pictorial Backyard Garden and Campsite which features a swimming pool area together with outdoor camping grounds. I failed to visit the Pictorial Backyard Garden and Campsite since I wasn’t enthusiastic about a vacation resort. I was there for the flowers, and the primary Sirao Flower Backyard Garden centered on that.


Standard Adult: Php50 to the flower garden
Senior: Php25
Kids under 7 years of age: free
Kids 8 to 10 years of age: Php25
Pre-nuptial photo shoots: Php1,000
Birthday celebration shoot: Php500
Swimming pool use: Php100 for adults; Php50 for kids under 12 years of age

You’re prohibited to bring outside drinks and food. There is a little canteen inside where one can buy essential refreshments as well as grub. Additionally, there are shops right beyond the place. Sirao Flower Garden is available from 6:30 in the morning to 6:30 in the afternoon every day. Camping out comes from 6:30 in the afternoon to 6:30 in the morning.

My own Lengthy, Stress-filled Travel

I used to go in Cebu for a hiking vacation along with my own German-Polish good friend, Martina. The woman had been unwell on that day, so I organized a do-it-yourself Cebu City visit, where I intentionally omitted the spots I previously visited prior to this trip (just like the chapels), and concentrate on uphill areas, such as Sirao Garden.

A Grab or Uber drive might have required me to pay about Php1,000 to 1,500 for the two-way journey, which was excessive in my backpacker spending budget. I asked the local people within Mactan Island for which jeepney trips to use to go to Sirao Garden.

I left my hotel at 10:00 in the morning. After 3 jeepney trips for Php30 and 2hrs of journey, I got a lunch time break in City Gaisano Cebu. At around 1:00 in the afternoon, I took one more jeepney ride for Php8 bound to JY Square. From there, I came across a habal-habal motorist that, at first, believed I am a foreigner, kept offering me an excessively high price. After half an hour of bargaining in Tagalog, the motorist eventually decided to get me for a roundtrip drive towards Sirao Garden with a side trip to Temple of Leah for just Php400.

Following a forty-five-minute habal-habal drive, I finally arrived at Sirao Garden during 4:00 in the afternoon. Due to the storm, I was trapped in Sirao Garden right up until 6:00 in the afternoon, waiting for the bad weather to disappear. I just had a windbreaker for my own defense. I met other Filipino tourists while trapped within Sirao Garden, and also 3 of them had been over a party habal-habal trip.

All of us went to the final stop, Temple of Leah, regardless of whether the rain is still pouring. Following a thirty-minute visit from the temple, we all go to our separated ways. My own operator had taken me back in JY Block. I tipped him an added Php100 for being my own personal photographer.

From that point, I then took a Php7 jeepney ride to SM Cebu, where I anxiously waited for several hours to be able to jump on a good air-conditioned taxi going to Mactan Area for Php35. I took another Php12 jeepney trip to Maribago, and strolled back in my own hostel together with my soaked clothing. It turned out to be already 10:00 in the evening.

Ways you can get there

The Sirao Garden is located exactly in Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines where lots of attractions can be found, but for those who plan to visit Sirao Garden, there are several ways.

What’s your allowance? There are more choices for various kinds of tourist.

By way of Head to Tops Shuttle Service:
This service provides you with a roundtrip drive towards Sirao Garden for only Php350 (no admission provided), Tops Watch for Php300 (which includes access ticket), Temple of Leah just for Php150 (no admission provided), and Php650 for those 3 places. Pick up point is in Jollibee next to JY Square, Lahug every 10:30 in the morning, 2:00, 3:20, 4:40, 6:00 and 7:20 in the afternoon up to evening.

By way of habal-habal:
You’ll locate habal-habal motorists hanging out in JY Square Shopping mall and its particular vicinity within Lahug. Bargain up until you get yourself a reasonable roundtrip expense. Regrettably, the greater foreign and touristy you appear, the greater the cost they’ll offer you. Typical prices are Php400 for 2 persons traveling as guests on a single motorcycle. In case that you’re only one traveler, it’s still Php400. You may have to incorporate Php100 if you wish to employ the operator as the private photographer. Cebuanos and people who converse Bisaya could possibly get a less expensive price. Personally, I acquired an offer of Php500, including the round visit to Sirao Garden and Temple of Leah, in addition to hiring the operator as my own photographer. Trip drivers along with travel guide may get into Sirao Garden free of charge. More complex bills are the entrance tickets, meals, as well as bus/jeepney fares to reach JY Square through your hotel.

By means of renting a private vehicle:
Cost differs based on exactly where you’re originating from and how many individuals may fit into the leased car/van. This is actually the most expensive method.

By means of Grab, Uber, and Taxi:
After I computed the price coming from my location, Mactan Sea Side Hostel within Mactan Island, the one-way Grab or Uber cost might value about Php500-800.

By means of arranged trip:
You will find lots of vacation firms with various package deal prices offered. Coming from offers I looked into, rates ranges about Php500-700 for each individual to get a habal-habal trip (3-4 persons) or maybe Php1,500-2,000 for each individual to get an SUV visit (3-6 persons). The conventional day time tour consists of Magellan’s Cross, Sto. Nino Church, Fort in San Pedro, San Diego-Yap Ancestral Home, Taoist Temple, Customs Monument, Museo Sugbo and the uphill destinations Tops Lookout, Temple of Leah, as well as Sirao Flower Garden.

When you Proceed or By pass It?

I believe the key reason why numerous Filipino vacationers tend to be captivated by floral gardens apart from the evident photograph shoot element is actually in which flower farms tend to be really unique. Metropolis girls like me didn’t mature riding a bike towards work or even school having farms or fields of colorful plants as an everyday background, except if you count your santan blossoms and coconut trees within my yard. To find out magnificent sunflowers up close can be a thrilling encounter for individuals who aren’t familiar with it.

My personal traveling good friend missed Sirao Garden due to the fact that flowered grounds tend to be a really typical view within Europe where by the girl lives.

My suggestions for vacationers: If you’re from a place where floral fields are common, you may consider not going to Sirao Garden whenever you’re visiting Cebu.

Nonetheless, if the sight of huge gardens along with beautiful flowery fields capture your imagination, then surely go for it. Check out Sirao Garden in Cebu, and ready yourself for an extended and probably costly travel.

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