Sumaguing Cave Sagada Mountain Province Philippines

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Worries within my mind began to develop even bigger once we shifted much deeper straight into Sumaguing Cave. This wasn’t mainly because it seemed to be challenging to climb straight down well it really is, actually – however due to the fact that it was starting to dawn upon me exactly how extremely more challenging it might be in order to ascend right back up. The thing is, the best way from this cave in the event that you’re undertaking the conventional Sumaguing Cave Spelunking Visit is equivalent to the actual entry way. That didn’t aid that since the trek started to be more challenging and also stiffer as we moved down, additionally, it became much more slick. However it was probably the most enjoyment I’d been on in a long time

The Sumaguing Cave is located exactly in South Rd, Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines in which where you can find more than sixty caves found beneath the area of Sagada. Famous among these underworlds like the Lumiang cave and others, the Sumaguing Cave offers the most significant chamber, gaining its moniker “The Big Cave.” Within are generally numerous rock formations gradually molded naturally for more than many thousands of years. These types of rock formations resembling recognizable designs would be the spotlight of the spelunking experience. A few of these formations are the turtle head, bear, chocolate cake, elephants, and expectant mother. It’s possibly these kinds of designs (and also the total encounter) is what make this cave popular which vacationers wanting to revisit the Sagada all over again. Sumaguing Cave is among the most discussed among all sightseeing attractions in the area.

There’s a man built stairway in the kerbside which leads in to the mouth area of the actual Sumaguing Cave. It absolutely was super easy to walk straight down these kind of steps. (However, the particular heading down is not actually by far the most exhausting portion of the travel.) The steps gradually change directly into rocks while you stroll deeper. The harder you gaze forward and check straight down, the better it will become obvious exactly how difficult an event it will likely be particularly for the first timers in caving or spelunking.

The trail is split in 3 phases.

Phase 1 is exactly what I simply named “The Descent” since this is the actual portion in which your main objective would be to get to the bottom part of this steep, bat stools covered high cliff.
Phase 2 may be the simple and easy , joyful aspect. You’ll take a look at the majority of rock structures right here. (This is actually the portion in which they are going to expect you to get rid of your own sneakers or perhaps slippers.)
Phase 3 is exactly what the actual tour guides call A Tunnel. Time for you to get soaked! This is when you’ll squash yourself straight into slim spaces as well as bathe in freezing water, and also be led by means of ropes while you navigate in the actual cave.

Sumaguing Cave Spelunking Visit Guidelines

I personally won’t let you know the best way round the cave area since i can’t. That’s the part of your guides who definitely are together with you all the time within the cave. Apart from, I actually hardly recall nearly anything. Everything that remains today is actually just how greatly I personally loved getting within the cave and just how I wish to try it again. (1 year right after I initially do this, I actually came back to Sagada and also became a member of this particular tour once again.)

Yet allow me to give you and the other tourist some suggestions which I wish will be useful in case you carry on this particular adventure, as well

Put on a durable set of flip flops with a decent hold. Although sneakers make sense in lots of hiking trips, a set of sandals together with band throughout the ankles as well as feet will definitely perform the best (I believe). You’ll be instructed to keep your own footwear whenever you make it to the rock formations simply because at this point onward. In case it’s fine to you to soaked your own sneakers and also have them coated in dirt, do it. Although a lot of site visitors whom have on scratch free sandals, I wouldn’t advise this to anyone mainly because it has a tendency to slip all over the place particularly on moist parts of the actual cave. There are actually slick areas so ensure that your footwear features very good grip.

Carry a flash light. Obtain the kind that you could band all around the top of your head. Your own guide provides a strong lamp (seems enchanting, right?) however it is effective to possess a source of light that you could manage so that you can view many and concentrate on a particular rock formation for a longer time.

Put on light outfits. You’re going to get soaked and also filthy. You will find swimming pools (and they’re seriously freezing) within and you’ll have to soak inside them throughout the actual expedition. You will find bath areas at the shop close to the entrance towards the cave. If you want to have a shower, you can utilize them for just a small price.

Carry a water resistant camera. You may still make use of an regular digital camera and allow the guides carry it for you personally, although. These people possess this particular stability thing moving in on them which they manage to certainly not slip or even drop or whatsoever. However to be in the particular secure aspect, simply take some sort of water proof photographic camera with you.

Carry out an associate technique particularly if you’re a large group. The actual guides make sure if your party is complete. You possibly can make it more convenient for them with a so called buddy system.
Pay attention to your own tour guide. They’re going inside, all around, and also outside of the cave more frequently than you can think of plus they know very well what they’re referring to. Pay attention to them. It’s for your own personal security and enjoyment.

Sumaguing Cave Tour RatesThese are the basic rates at the time of April 2019.

1 to 4 = Php800 (1 guide)
5 = Php900 (1 guide)
6 to 9 = Php1600 (2 guides)
10 = Php1800 (2 guides)
11 to 12 = Php2400 (3 guides)
13 or maybe more = Php200 for each individual
2 way transport charge (optionally available): Php350

Be aware that these are generally group rates. Which means, you’ll split the price by how lots of you have in the team.

The entire spelunking experience requires 3 to 4 hours. In all probability it appears to be intimidating since you’re looking over this article. It’ll likely seem frightening whenever you’re in the mouth area from the cave planning to start spelunking especially those teens cause there’s surely no signal connection inside the cave. However it is not too difficult as well as secure. It really is something you will certainly don’t forget even many years following you’ve tried it and also cherish the experience eternally. It’s also something which I’m confident you’ll be truly, genuinely very proud of. And also just before we neglect, it really is FUN.

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